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Monday, February 27, 2012


By now you know who won the 2012 Oscars.  As predicted (or just scroll down to the next posting), The Artist won the important ones.  

Every so often a striking contrast just appears out of nowhere.  My most stunning moment last night was seeing Audrey Hepburn.  Well, she passed away 19 years ago, so who was this actress?

Well, actually, this is Rooney Mara, that Dragon Tattoo Lady.  One of her great grandfathers is Tim Mara, founder of the 2012 Super Bowl Champions, the New York Giants, while one other is Art Rooney, who founded the past champs, the Pittsburg Steelers.  Thus, ROONEY MARA.  She has an older sister, Kate Mara, who appeared in Brokeback Mountain and the 24 series on TV.

While Rooney will appear in two more of the Girl trilogy (there have now been four, for the first three emanated from Sweden, from where the book came), you can only wonder if, perhaps, in the future she will be singing The Rain In Spain Stays Mainly in the Plain or Moon River.

It's entirely possible that you might not remember Audrey Hepburn.  Here she is with Gregory Peck in Roman Holiday.  Who will play Peck, or George Peppard in Breakfast at Tiffany's or Rex Harrison in My Fair Lady?

Another bizarre anomaly has to do with the Academy Award Original songs.  The first ten Oscars went to:

  The Continental
  Lullaby of Broadway
  The Way You Look Tonight
  Sweet Leilani
  Thanks for the Memory
  Over the Rainbow
  When You Wish Upon a Star
  The Last Time I Saw Paris (here is the original Ann Southern version from Lady Be Good)
  White Christmas
  You'll Never Know

The above compares to:

   2011  Man or Muppet (only two songs nominated--this poster is from Poland)
   2010  We Belong Together  (from Toy Story 3)
   2009  The Weary Kind
   2008  Jai Ho
   2007  Falling Slowly
   2006  I Need to Wake Up
   2005  It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp
   2004  Al Otro Lado Del Rio
   2003  Into the West

You've never heard of any of them.  Finally, fifteen years ago in 1997, there was My Heart Will Go On from Titanic, to return as a 3D movie in April.  How far has original film music dropped with  It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp?

The Dow Jones Industrials stayed steady at -1 to 12,981, with world markets mostly down.  Gold fell $6/toz to $1768, while the WTI Cushing is at $109/barrel and Brent Spot at $123/barrel.


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