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Sunday, February 19, 2012


My various blood pressure and dementia postings are actually beginning to affect me.  For breakfast today, for example, I made pancakes, but added some coconut milk to the batter, then used coconut oil in the pan.  Poured on top a fried combo of no salt butter, Ikegami (grown at the home of Elsie/David, who sparked my search for Kenjiro when they ran the Mormon Genealogy Center) banana slices and Mrs. Butterworth's original syrup.  Note:  no salt (bad for blood pressure), coconut (possible antidote for Alzheimer's) and banana (high in potassium, which reduces blood pressure).  I drank some no-fat half-and-half milk.  A bit of an extravagance, but it tasted great and the pancakes were superb.  You would think that those 'cakes would have an overpowering aroma of coconuts, but, no.  There was a pleasant aftertaste, not unlike from a Thai soup.

Gotta start with Jeremy Lin, for his New York Knicks today played the Dallas Mavericks.  Above, his comparison with the three best guards NBA guards ever.  Today, on his 8th start, as shown to the left, he had 28 points, a career high 14 assists and 5 steals, as the Knicks, as guaranteed on Friday, beat the Mavericks, 104-97, getting a respectful end of the game hug from Dallas guard, Billy Kidd.

Their next three games:

02/20NetsvsKnicks-02:30pm (HST)-Tickets
02/22HawksvsKnicks-02:30pm (HST)-Tickets
02/23KnicksvsHeat-02:00pm (HST)-Tickets

HST is Hawaii time.

I noticed something which I found interesting.  First, KIA dominated the pre-game show:

I wonder if they even play basketball in Korea (of course they do, but...).  Secondly, Japan Bridgestone was the title sponsor of the most popular part of the Super Bowl--halftime:

I might add that the University of Hawaii softball team, now ranked #27, is heading towards the Top Ten, for they are a flawless 12-0, and won their sixth game today at a tournament in Las Vegas, beating the host team 12-2.  They not only were undefeated at in Nevada, they outscored their opponents 62-6.  Their ninth batter can hit home runs.  Their two pitchers are dominating.  Their home games are free and they next play on 2March2012 at 6PM against Radford (also in the tournament are Florida State and Santa Barbara).

Nothing much else happening nationally nor locally, but some of my flowers say aloha to you:


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