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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


More from North Americans of Chinese extraction.  Canadian Danielle Fong was born in 1987 and dropped out of junior high school to gain a Dalhousie University degree in computer sciences and physics at the age of 17.  She moved on to a PhD program at Princeton to work on fusion, then took a leave of absence in 2009 to co-found LightSail Energy with Stephen Crane and Edwin Berlin, finding early funding from Vinod Khosla.

The problem with our Sun and winds is that they are intermittent.  Danielle, chief science officer of her company, thinks she has the cheapest (see above) solution to energy storage by using compressed air.  What is this 
grand discovery?  Well, she sprays water in the chamber to capture the heat of compression.  Apparently that's it!  Obviously there must be more to this, and, in any case, as the title of this exchange is "Danielle Fong May Save the World," I can identify with that, as my blog is posted to save Planet Earth and Humanity.  Watch her 11December2011 interview with Forbes editor, Michael Noer.  That's Danielle again, below (her company is in Oakland and that is the Golden Gate Bridge in the background), no doubt a mistress of disguises.  

 And this is Danielle catching her first wave:

Oh, can't leave without my Jeremy Lin report.  He had the game winning shot (below) yesterday at Toronto, where he scored 27 points and had 11 assists:
How cool.  What command.  And from 3-point land.  Watch the final minute of the game.  Here is an interview after that win.  Tonight against the Sacramento Kings at the Madison Square Garden he scored only 10 points, but had a career high 13 assists.  The top three for the year are Steve Nash (10,5), Rajon Rondo (9.8) and Chris Paul (9.0).  If you want to plan ahead, the Knicks play Friday at home against the New Orleans Hornets, and Carmelo Anthony will return.  Henceforth, with Stoudemire and Anthony in the line-up, 10 points and 10 assists should be the new reality.  However, the prospects of the Knicks getting to the NBA finals are now distinctly possible.   Also coming up, Sunday on national television against the NBA defending champs, the Dallas Mavericks (ABC, 1PM ET).  They thus will have a tough schedule over the next couple of weeks, so don't expect them to reach ten straight wins.  Hey, two out of three from now on will get them to the playoffs.

Someone questioned my 12 inch arugula leaf, so here below is the evidence.  Note that there is a foot long ruler at the bottom.  The "regular" arugula is to the top right.

Finally , another bento lunch and imbibible at Magic Island:

The Dow Jones Industrials fell 97 to 12,781, with world markets mostly up, especially in the Orient.  Gold increased $6/toz to $1728, while oil is jitterish about Iran, and crept up on the WTI to $102/barrel and the Brent to $119/barrel.

Tropical Cyclone Giovanna made landfall over Madagascar yesterday, killing ten:

However, along the same track has popped up Tropical Cyclone 13, with a path seemingly destined to encounter Mauritius and Reunion late this coming weekend:


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