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Sunday, November 27, 2011


I went to see two totally different movies today:  Descendants and My Week with Marilyn.  Click on each to read what those movies are all about.

Rotten Tomatoes reported that 85% of the audience liked Descendants, but I might have had the most to identify with the movie than anyone else seeing the film.  Having lived on Oahu and Kauai most of my life, every scene had meaning.  While the particulars are hardly similar, Clooney's (Academy Award nomination?) wife being removed from life support only reminded me of what I went through.  Finally, the background Hawaiian music is a CD I will need to purchase.  Maybe my favorite movie of the year.

The first time author of the book, Kaui Hart Johnston Hemmings, is a local girl who went to Punahou, Sarah Lawrence and was a Stegner fellow at Stanford.  Her stepfather is state Senator Fred Hemmings, Jr. and, in the movie, had a bit part as secretary to Matt King (Clooney).  Her mother, daughter (made $100) and husband also were extras.  By the way, the Outrigger Canoe Club scenes were shot next door at the Elks Club.

RT gave My Week with Marilyn, a re-creation of The Prince and the Showgirl movie set through the eyes of a rich go-fer, a score of 86%.  You got to wonder, though, if there was some exaggeration  of the real relationship between this likable twit (Eddie Redmayne) and Marilyn.  The cast was wonderful, and Kenneth Branagh actually looks like Sir Lawrence Olivier in 1957.  Michelle Williams had her Marilyn moments, but Scarlett Johansson would have given the role a closer reality.  She turned down the part.


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