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Thursday, November 24, 2011


This is the day to be grateful, for me, beginning with sunrise over Honolulu, where in New York City the Macy's Parade is already over:

As the American flag is fluttering in Detroit:

Where the traditional National Football League game between the Detroit Lions (since 1934) and the Green Bay Packers is about to be the kicked-off:

Note that Detroit actually has a worthy team this year, something unexpectedly deserving of some thanks.

Personally, from Gratitude, Not Grief, to my feast, life is, indeed, wonderful.  Our troops are returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, and hopefully will not be sent to Australia.  Not sure when the voting ends, but as of this posting, I remain ahead in the U.S. News and World Report Debate Club (which includes Congressmen Ron Paul and J. Randy Forbes, the former a Republican presidential candidate and the latter chairman of the House Armed Services Readiness Subcommittee) challenge on military spending.

Dictators have fallen in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and, now, Yemen, while the Assad regime in Syria should be next to go.  In Europe, two of the five PIIGS have changed leadership, but the European Union remains intact.  Amazingly enough, even the Japanese economy seems to be improving.

Maybe corporate America and Republicans are right about global warming (I'm just trying to put an optimistic spin to this looming crisis) and Peak Oil is way in the future (the Chicago Mercantile Exchange has petroleum at $93.62/barrel in 2020), maybe this mess we're now in will merely become a repeat of the 1970's when we recovered from acid rain, the population bomb (remember, I predicted a population of 7 2050), the Vietnam War, Limits to Growth, and two energy crises.

We don't quite appreciate the small things in our lives.  You're alive...well...and no doubt will enjoy your Thanksgiving meal.  President Obama pardoned Peace and Liberty (I'm having a difficult time comprehending this, but this turkey is 19 weeks old and weighs 45 pounds--no human has been this heavy so young) raised in Minnesota and expressed his thanks.  Yes, life today is okay.

Of course, what is Thanksgiving without a turkey dinner, so I joined Betsy and Harvey Lee with their family and friends.  But, just as I arrived at their home I saw the following scene.  How appropriate for Hawaii:  yellow hibiscus state flower, banana plants and a gorgeous rainbow:

Here is part of the Lee family--Betsy, Harvey, Vickie, Minda and James:

The drinks flowed, the feast was fabulous and it took the equivalent of a village to orchestrate the  adventure resulting in my being safely delivered home at the end of the evening.  Thank you Betsy, Harvey, Jack, Diane, Brad, Minda and James.


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