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Sunday, November 6, 2011

HOUSTON: the Largest City in Texas

With a city population of about 2 million and metropolitan area of 6 million, Houston, named after General Sam Houston, is the largest city in Texas and #4 in the USA.  Their Texas Medical Center has the biggest concentration of healthcare institutions and is #2 to New York City in Fortune 500 company headquarters, while NASA's Johnson Space Center was mission control for the Apollo Project to the Moon and back.  The average highs in July and August are in the mid-90's and average lows in December-January are in the low to mid 40's.

While 44% of the population is Hispanic, it is believed that almost half a million illegal immigrants live here.  However, while Houston was once a city with security concerns, remains a hub for drug traffic and stands at #6 in murders for large cities, all indications are that this is now largely a safe place to live and work.  (The three most dangerous in the country are St. Louis, Camden and Detroit, while I noted that New Orleans is #13 and Baton Rouge #16.  Houston is not in the worst 25)

The city is home to professional teams in football, baseball, basketball and soccer.  There are 165 golf courses, including the Tour 18, which simulates 18 of the most famous PGA tour holes, and the  price of play here is reasonable.  They have a 17-block theater district and has 337 parks

While Tex-Mex food prevails, the region is gaining in cuisine excellence.  I'm afraid, though, that my stay here is vegetative near the airport, for my only two meals here were a Subway sandwich with Chinese vegetable soup and beer yesterday, and a giant Taco Bell (maybe the ultimate in T-M) feast, also with beer, today, for they are just across the street.  Both were enjoyed in my room watching football games on TV.  I leave tomorrow for Las Vegas, but will someday return to really see Houston.

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