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Friday, November 11, 2011

11:11:11 / 11:11:11

Yes, this article was posted at 11:11:11 AM, Pacific Standard Time, on Friday, 11November2011, and there are numerous equally creative ways to represent this unique point in time, though, come to think of it, this same palindrome will occur again in exactly 12 hours.  But it will be a millennium before it happens again.  Of course, 12:12:12 will be celebrated next year.  After that, you would next need to wait until 1AM on January 1, 2101:  1:1:1, although someone will make a case for 3April2013, or 3-3-3.

Is there any significance to so many elevens?  Well, if you had apophenia, you would multiply 111111 by 111111, get 12345654321 and come to a conclusion that there is something God-like about this point in time.  As the Mayans long ago predicted doomsday in a little more than 13 months from today, surely 11:11:11 must have a meaning in their writings.  Actually, yes.  If you're spiritually inclined, there is a book entitled, The Search for 11:11.

I just came to Reno from Las Vegas, and this weekend is an especially busy one because so many are coming to get married.  The Chinese believe that a marriage today will last a lifetime.  7-11 of course is a lucky number combination for craps, and 7-7-7 was the busiest day ever for marriages.  However, Eva Longoria and Tony Parker tied the knot that day, and subsequently divorced.  But they're not Chinese.

November 11 is also Veterans Day, formerly known as Armistice Day, and, of all the things, World War I hostilities ended on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918.  My posting of 11November2009 provided some details.

Reading the Reno Gazette this morning, I saw that the "Go For Broke" 442nd Regimental Combat Team was the most decorated unit in military history and had 21 Medal of Honor recipients.  U.S. Senator Daniel Inouye, of course is one of those honorees:

Oh, while composing this blog post, I just noticed that there is a parade passing just outside my window. What a fitting closure to this holiday message, with a later nightview:

While I'm at this, across the street is the National Bowling Stadium:

They have an attractive riverwalk (Truckee River) with 50 dining, drinking and entertainment options:

Heading into a weekend, a few positive notes:

1.  The stock market surged up today.  See right column.   All my stocks increased in value.  Note, though, that the price of oil seems headed back up to $100/barrel.

2.  One fallout of the Joe Paterno firing is that the University of Nevada at Reno head football coach, Chris Ault, is now the longest tenured coach with 27 years, and he just turned 65.  Their game against Hawaii is on Saturday night, and I'm torn about what to do, as I do have a ticket, but at the same time will be the Oregon-Stanford game and, here in the Eldorado, the Paquiao-Marquez boxing match will be FREE, all in the warmth and comfort of the sports book area, while the Hawaii game will be played with the wind chill at freezing or lower.  Plus, it is a one mile walk to the stadium.

3.  I last night had my best dinner costing less than $20.  Interesting, but I don't see this sushi bar mentioned in their hotel information book.  It is located just outside the Roxy, their elegant restaurant.  Anyway, before 6PM (beginning at 4PM), you get 25% off all you can eat.  With a hot sake and cold Sierra Nevada, I had miso soup, a green salad, edamame, fried tofu, vegetable tempura, sunomono, and two pieces each, of ikura, maguro, tai, hamachi and seared tuna:

This was the best vegetable tempura I've ever had in my life:  light, crispy, tasty...truly amazing.   Better than anything I experienced in Japan.  I was fabulously served by Glenda:

finishing with a final course of unagi and hokkigai:

Best as I can tell, this restaurant is called Sushi:Sake, but maybe Glenda will correct me if she is reading this posting.


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