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Thursday, November 3, 2011


Our last supper was held in Cuzco at La Retama.  The food was Peruvian and good, the band played on and the dancing was exciting.  First our table (Leonid, Rosalia, Jim, Rosella, Richard, Rena, Olga):

Jim and Rosella, followed by Richard and Rena:
Taramati and Kiritkumar:
Hannah and Joe
Sylvia, Liz, Frank and Frank:
Sally, Eva and Arnold:
Finally, Alejandro (our Globus tour leader) and Leonid (and you will see him again, with his wife, Rosalia, for we are having lunch next at Astrid Y Gaston, #47 in the Top 100 Restaurants of the World):

Then the show:

I would certainly try out a Peruvian restaurant in the future if I ever stumble across one.  Our table was graced with two servings of Pisco Sours, the national drink, so we were in a good mood at 11,000 feet.  It was a grand conclusion to our Brazil, Argentina and Peru tour.  We next return to Lima and head home.


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