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Sunday, November 27, 2011


Welcome Country #193:  Martinique.  I wonder how many more are left, as the United Nations has a total membership of 193.

Martinique is a French overseas department, like Reunion, and therefore uses the Euro.  It is one island, larger than Molokai, but smaller than Kauai, with a population of 400,000.  Christopher Columbus was the first European to chart then land on the island, but France claimed it in 1635.

Most of the people are descendants of African slaves, but there is an increasing Chinese community, like in Reunion.

The movie, To Have and Have Not with Humphrey Bogart and the remake of The Thomas Crown Affair with Pierce Brosnan were filmed here.  The island is mentioned in the Beach Boys' Kokomo.

I would not be surprised, as in Louisiana and Reunion, that creole food is prominent.  As a step one, you can stay at an EPCOT Center Disney Resort with a Martinique theme.  While violent crime is rare, watch out for pickpockets.  Welcome to Martinique.


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