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Saturday, November 5, 2011


I'm back in the USA, and, more specifically, Houston.  Not exactly home, but you can drink the tapwater, which I don't because bottled water is provided.  I was going to say that everyone here speaks English, but, it turns out that the staff around the world speaks better English than anyone I've yet encountered here at the airport Sheraton, as I think they come mostly from Mexico and Asia, and they all need a lot of work to learn the language.

Well, at least the sport programs on TV are not limited to soccer, rugby, cricket and those other so-called athletic events.  LSU at Alabama, Stanford at Oregon State and Utah State at Hawaii.  Yes, there is no place like the USA.

Traveling is stressful.  All those minor incidents add up.  There's no place like home.  I, though, still  have ten days left on the road.

Highlights so far?

1.  Pearl's ashes on Machu Picchu.

2.  Cuisine in Stockholm (with Chef Danyel of F12):

     and the Grand Hotel's Veranda:

     London (with Chef Chris on St. John, #41):

     and at Zuma (#66)

     Sao Paulo, with Chef Alex (D.O.M., #7):

     and Chef Helena of Mani (#74):

     Lima, dining with Leonid and Rosalia (here deciding which dulcement to select in Aston Y Gaston, #42):

     and for my greatest lunch, ever, Malabar (#87):

3.  Rio:

4.  Iguassu Falls:


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