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Saturday, December 18, 2010


Anyone who regularly links to this blog knows that the grand purpose is to save Planet Earth and Humanity.  But more specifically, my passion is in the combined promotion of the Blue Revolution and sustainable biofuels.  However, there is more to life than science, politics, technology and the like, so I shamelessly also report on spectacular meals I now and then enjoy.  You can click on a couple of my best lunches in Munich and Rome.

The past seven days have been an incredible series of everything that epitomizes these themes, plus golf.  I will even reprise a few photos.

Sunday saw the launching of the Blue Revolution at the Ocean House Restaurant.  The essence of our initial mission is well captured in the Blue Revolution Manifesto, developed by Leighton Chong, Guy Toyama, Sheridan Tatsuno and me.

I might add that all these gourmet meals tend to increase your body mass.  Thus, I felt compelled to manage my weight through golf.  On Monday and Tuesday I walked nine holes each day at the Ala Wai Golf Course with Cathy/Kwok Ho and Ed Cheng.  Kwok was chairman of an Education Department and Ed chairman of the Civil Engineering Department at the University of Hawaii.

Tuesday also saw the annual Hawaii Natural Energy Institute Christmas Lunch, this year held at the Waialae Golf Course Clubhouse, home of the SONY Open.  SONY had announced that the event this year would be televised on TV in 3D and the NCAA BCS football championship on January 10 will also be in 3D.  So, I went out and bought a SONY 3D set.  The cost was not much of a factor because the price was less than the equivalent of three nights at the Ritz Carlton in Doha (with meals, but this all was courtesy of the Qatar government) or the Four Seasons at Chiang Mai.  But, alas, I just learned that Oceanic is not yet 3D capable.  I can't shift to Direct TV, which does offer 3D, because the cable system is free in this building.

Wednesday was a big day for both the Blue Revolution and microalgal biofuels.  I sat in on a meeting Lisa Morgenthaler-Jones, CEO of LiveFuels, was having with HNEI Director Rick Rocheleau and LiveFuels consultant and marine bioproducts specialist Michael Cooney (also of HNEI).  LiveFuels is a company actually beginning the Blue Revolution, their ultimate system to utilize ocean thermal energy conversion cold water effluents to stimulate algal growth in the open ocean to cultivate fish, which will be processed into a sustainable biofuel.  That night I had a lively discussion with John Benemann (and Kate) at Morimoto Waikiki.  John is the world authority in microbiotechnology.

On Thursday, I golfed at Ala Wai with a group that now and then invites me to join them on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Ken Watanabe, all of at least 86 (88?) organizes this effort, and I usually sit (there are always 6, which means carts) with Kenji Sumida, who himself has a golf safari to Nevada and California in the Spring.  We golf seven days in a row, and sometimes 36 holes.  What an ordeal!

But that only prepared me for dinner that night at La Mer with Tadashi/Mayumi Matsunaga and Nicole/Brandon Yoza.  Professor Matsunaga is perhaps the top academic marine bioscientist, and was recently selected to become the next president of Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology.  Brandon, who works for HNEI, is the only American to gain a PhD under Matsunaga.  He was the first editor of the Journal of Marine Biotechnology, now called Marine Biotechnology and edited by Grant Burgess, a post-doc of Matsunaga.  Grant now directs the Dove Marine Laboratory at the University of Newcastle, but his greatest achievement was attained at St. Andrews Golf Course.

On Friday, Brandon arranged for golf at the Mililani Golf Course.  We skipped lunch because we went to MorimotoWaikiki for a 5PM supper.  

Saturday was golf again, at the Ewa Villages Golf Course with my weekend group.  I then had a sunset dinner on my roof:  a ribeye steak with corn, a tomato/onion/lettuce salad using blue cheese dressing and a cognac infused Gurkha Churchill cigar in crystal.


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