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Monday, December 27, 2010


While it's cloudy with spotty rainfall today, the temperature is around 78 F, quite a bit more comfortable than the East Coast.  Clearly, if you can get on a flight, Hawaii would be an ideal place to visit.

President Barack Obama and his family are here, and so are some of his friends. staying next door in a $9 million home owned by the son of a campus colleague, now an issue which you can read by clicking on the price.  He visited troops, golfed and bowled.  It is reported that he had a score of 37 at one of his campaign stops two years ago.  This was bowling, not golfing.  Even I had a 76 when I first bowled, plus my office wall shows a 76 score card for golf.

Also in town is our regular winter visitor, the Navy's answer to missile detection that wants to be a golf ball for Gulliver.  This billion dollar Sea-based X-band radar (SBX) arrived at Pearl Harbor in 2006, nearly 15 years too late for the Cold War.  Of all the ironies, the sphere sits on a Russian semi-submersible.  I read some time back that a second SBX was being planned for Japan.  They can take ours!

Yes, I am critical about American spending on more weapons.  The aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan in 2006 cost $4 billion, the George H.W. Bush floated last year was built for $6 billion, and the America coming up will be built for at least $9 billion, not counting the enormous R&D expenditures.  STOP!!!  We already have 11 carriers.  How many theaters will we need to protect in the future?

Hawaii is today a terrific place, but the coming Peak Oil crisis will be devastating.  So come now before it is too late!  Is it really hopeless for the Hawaiian economy? Most probably, but for inspirational purposes, click on "The Sustainable Expo for 2020."  Your daily newspaper no doubt recently ran this article by Neil. R. Peirce of the Washington Post on how certain cities--such as Munich, Barcelona and Seoul--met the challenge facing Honolulu.

The Dow Jones Industrials slipped 18 to 11,555, while world markets were also mostly down.  The Shanghai Composite has been showing some instability, yesterday dropping almost 2%.  Now around 2800, it was nearly 6000 a little more than two years ago at a time when the Dow was  just above 14,000.

You will note to the right that there are two icons to check on who clicks to this site:  VIEWERS and VIEWERS X. I've used VIEWERS since 11Feb2009.  However, exactly three months ago, something went haywire with VIEWERS, so I added VIEWERS X.  Well, the next day, VIEWERS returned, but I kept both to see how many new countries might visit in a certain time frame.  Well, it looks like 123 countries have viewed Planet Earth and Humanity during this 90 day period, with a visitor count of 10,831, or an average of 109/day.  In the meantime, 61,631 from 160 countries have clicked on since 11Feb2009 when Flag Counter was linked.  I'll keep both for a while.


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