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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Ed and Frances Jurkens were long friends of ours, were, because Frances passed away some years ago, after which time Pearl and I invited Ed to join us for our anniversary dinner, because Ed's birthday was around the same day at the end of the year.

Now, Ed and I have a steak dinner maybe twice a year.  Our previous one was at Wolfgang's Waikiki, where I indicated in by blog that he was my current role model.  He typically picks me up for golf (because he is a retired Air Force pilot and has a Hickam decal), and after 18 holes and beer, he drops me off and goes home for a double martini.  Oh, Ed is 93 or so...I've lost count.

 Tonight we both caught our separate buses and found our way to Hy's.  I had a Kir Royale awaiting Ed, and we shared a bottle of Hy's Merlot.  He was on time but could not find me in the restaurant because they said I had no reservation.  They were wrong, but it was at capacity, so there was some confusion.  He had a Delmonico, which can mean almost anything, but mostly rib eye, while I had half a rack of lamb because someone this week on a golf course said that was a worthy meal.

Our discussion mostly shared travel stories (he jet sets as much as me, has had several safaris, and is next headed to Botswana--our antipode--plus a bunch of other places.  We also talked about golfing next week.

See that doggie bag in my hand of three fifths my rack?  As we were at the bus stop, someone came up to me and asked if I could share it with I did.  With people sleeping on the benches and generally taking over some stops, sad, but I hope other options can be found.  Mayor Carlisle?  Sort of reminded me of Oslo where every corner had a beggar.


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