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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I'm getting close to the end of SIMPLE SOLUTIONS for Humanity.  Chapter 6 on "Best Places" today touches on Florida, the final honorable mention.  The next posting on this subject will start with #10:  the Jewels of the American East.


Florida was named by Spaniard Ponce de Leon in 1513. He never found the fountain of youth, but did plant the flag that allowed Spain to cede this area to the U.S. in 1819 (actually, Britain gained control in 1763, but lost jurisdiction back to Spain after the American Revolutionary War) in exchange for America renouncing any claims on Texas. But that’s another story. Florida gained statehood in 1860 with a population of 140,000, 44% being slaves. In a few years, it is expected to become the third most populated state, replacing New York. California is #1 and Texas is #2.

Disney World, Epcot Center, national parks, growth (when I first visited Central Florida University twenty years ago, the University of Hawaii was twice the size of CFU; today, CFU has more than twice the number of students than the UH), mild weather, easy nautical access and the good life. There are only a few earthquakes, but they do suffer from hurricanes. If global climate change becomes truly serious, and all the ice melts, the sea level will rise 250 feet and 99% of Florida will go under water.  But, this will take a lot longer than your lifetime, so enjoy the Sunshine State while you can

The Dow Jones Industrials increased 21 to 11,575, while world markets were mostly up.   Gold jumped $17/toz to $1403 and petroleum is now at $91/barrel.  Interesting that the Chicago Mercantile Index has oil futures at $92.83/barrel in June of 2017.


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