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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Well, a total lunar eclipse occurred last night, but I didn't see it.  Here is a time lapse from NPR:

  The weather remains cloudy in Hawaii today with temperatures barely reaching 79 F (26 C), a heck of a lot more comfortable, though, than London (low of 26F with snow), Moscow (12 F windchill), Seoul (to be 4F on Friday) and Boston (20F with snow on Thursday).  You Tube has a bunch of these time lapse clips in case you feel compelled to view them.  Or, if you are thusly inclined, watch the Walkmen singing Red Moon.  

The front that hit us, called the Pineapple Express, is headed for Oregon and Washington.  Watch Seth Rogan in the movie, Pineapple Express.  Can you believe that this same guy is now the Green Hornet, coming next month?

As I've somehow segued into films, the openings this week include The Illusionist (no, not the Ed Norton version--this one is a multi-award winning animated French movie with an original script in 1956 by Jacques TatiLittle Fockers (third in series, and promised to be the last), True Grit (that John Wayne makeover--as Rooster Cogburn, he beat Peter O'Toole, Dustin Hoffman, John Voight and Richard Burton for Best Actor in 1969), Gulliver's Travels with Jack Black,  Somewhere, directed by Sophia Coppola (too bad this one is in limited distribution, but it won the Golden Lion Award for Best Film at the Venice International Film Festival).  Lost in Translation was also her film.  Somewhere features music by Phoenix, a French alternative rock band, whose leader is Thomas Mars, Sophia's boyfriend.

Back to the skies, the next major astronomical event, a total solar eclipse, might not be until six weeks before the Mayan Doomsday--which we all laugh about to supposedly occur a few days before Christmas in 2012--but with limited viewing, beginning in northern Australiam moving over New Zealand (bottom right below) and into the Pacific Ocean:
Get ready to book your cruise now, ascertaining that your ship will be in that dark moving circle on 13November2012:

The Dow Jones Industrials jumped 55 to 11,533, with world markets also all increasing.  Gold went up a buck to $1386/toz and, while the American price is $89/barrel, it is at $93.5/barrel in Europe.

Amazingly enough, there is a new tropical storm west of Hawaii named Omeka, with sustained winds of 50 MPH and heading in the general direction of the greater Hawaiian Islands.  However, it is expected to mostly turn north and dissipate.  There is also a disturbance in the Atlantic north of South America.  Global Warming??


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