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Friday, December 3, 2010


1.  Click on Cancun Conference to read about what is happening at the current global climate change gathering.  (Hint:  but only if you have nothing better to do with your life.)  The Huffington Post today published my article entitled:  Yes Pogo.  (This click is recommended so you can comment to the world.  I'm hoping you won't agree with me and can provide a counterpoint argument.)  Further, I guess it's no surprise that the House of Representatives disestablished the global warming committee.

2.  Hooray for Qatar:  they will host the 2022 World Cup of soccer.  While Brazil embarrassed President Obama pitching Chicago for the 2016 Olympics, at least he was smart enough to keep his mouth shut this time.  There were signs all over the place when I was in Qatar last month, but no one seriously thought they would actually win, especially when FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) recently suspended a bunch of officials, frankly, for selling their votes.  Qatar was especially implicated, but, somehow, still prevailed.  Yes, the Emir nearly has infinite powers.  Brazil hosts the World Cup in 2014 and Russia in 2018.  What will be the vuvuzela of those upcoming events?

3.  Your human body has 300 sextillion cells.  Isn't it just too coincidental that the latest speculation of stars in the sky is exactly the same number?  This latest surmisal by astrophysicists was just announced.  From all indications, Carl Sagan was too conservative with his 100 billion stars each in 100 billion galaxies.  The current belief is 3 trillion stars each in 100 billion galaxies.  Just to make you feel so small, picture light traveling for one year.  You can't, for that is almost 6 trillion miles, or more than 30,000 roundtrips to our Sun.  Well, light would take 100,000 years just to travel from one end of OUR galaxy, the Milky Way, to the other.  Remember, Jesus Christ lived all of 2000 years ago.

4.  A kilogram of gold today sells for $50,000.  A kilogram of rhino horn can command a price of $60,000.  Now you know why they are close to extinction.

The Dow Jones Industrials went up 22 to 11,384, while world markets were mixed.  Gold jumped $23/toz to $1414 and petroleum is at $89/barrel.


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