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Sunday, December 5, 2010


Geoengineering of Climate Change was my Huffington Post article on 1July2008.  However, as early as 1989, my Institute hosted an international gathering to find solutions to global warming.  Here is an excerpt from SIMPLE SOLUTIONS for Planet Earth:

Seed funds were provided by the University of Hawaii and the Environmental Protection Agency, and we hosted in Hawaii the First Greenhouse Warming Remediation Workshop in March of 1989. The group prepared a $3 million proposal for Year One, which hopefully was to begin in 1991. I went to see Robert Corell of the National Science Foundation, who had been a close colleague of mine when he was at the University of New Hampshire. As an ocean engineer, he was recently named to head the interagency committee on global climate change, a scientific organization. He was mentioned in the quest for the Blue Revolution. Corell’s frank recommendation was to forget remediation at this scale for ten years until the atmospheric and marine scientists had a better handle on the science. 

The Cancun Climate Conference is now discussing techno-options to combat global warming.  When we convened a group to do just that in 1989, the scientific field was skeptical and environmentalists were horrified.  Nearly twenty years later, attitudes have adjusted.  There remain skepticism and visions of the apocalypse, but just the fact that this gathering is discussing how best to proceed down this pathway is a quasi-remarkable shift in reasoned sentiment.

From 2020 Science (Andrew Maynard), here are some of these technological solutions:

If you remain alarmed because you did not click on my HuffPo, let me end this posting with the final paragraph from that article:

Before anyone gets too irrational, let me underscore that no one, not even the most extreme supporter, is even suggesting that anything of any magnitude be initiated today. It wouldn't hurt, though, to set aside a small amount, perhaps 1% of the global change budget, to comprehensively study the more reasonable suggestions, especially reviewing the environmental implications, so that if that one in a hundred chance that a perfect global heating storm (as, perchance, depicted in The Venus Syndrome chapter of SIMPLE SOLUTIONS for Planet Earth) actually happens, we will have a few rational emergency options worthy of consideration.

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