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Tuesday, January 2, 2018


It was only a week ago that I posted:

Indications were that Humanity would not get our act together until a critical mass of the global population reached a state of self-actualization.

Actually, Abraham Maslow suggested a more elaborate motivation model, with the state of TRANSCENDENCE at the top.  By my logic, I came to a conclusion that the masses would, then, need to reach transcendence for society to gain peace forever.  

As I further thought about how long this would take--a very long time, for even Maslow felt that only 2% would ever get to self-actualization--it occurred to me that there was another way World Peace could be achieved, and by the Year 2050, if not before.

  • Amazon (and competitors) eliminating actual shopping.
  • Bill payment without your involvement.
  • Your next date or affair being "arranged."
  • "Sex" itself need not necessarily involving another human.
  • Pets becoming inanimate.
  • People no longer composing any music.
  • TV news delivery by human-looking robots.
  • You will not be able to determine what is fake news.  
  • Cars becoming self-driving.
  • Your smart phone and Google assistant determining your daily schedule, interfaced with the world, and too, your state of health and what you should eat.
Thus, by 2028 you will almost have lost control of your life.  

Let's face it.  War is largely controlled by the Military-Industrial Complex.  Bombs are wasteful, soldiers can find more redeeming lives, and countries only enhanced, if warriors focus on education or building bridges.  This AI takeover (and Wikipedia can be consulted for what this is) will be so complete that even those conglomerates creating wars will be overcome.

What about Samuel Huntington's Clash of Civilizations?  Yes, even Muslim terrorism will become obsolete.  Religions will become entwined within the cyberspace.

You say there will be individuals who will rebel?  A few, of course, but virtual reality will be so efficient and useful that most of us will just enjoy the benefits.

In short time, governments, too, will be thusly transformed.  There will be no compelling reason for wars, as peace will be the logical conclusion, and simply prevail.  How ironic.

Incredibly, all this can happen in the lifetime of some of you reading this projection.  2050 is only 32 years away, that's the same amount of time as was 1985, when disco was already dead in the USA.


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