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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

DAY 3: Our Tour of Fukuoka

I had another full breakfast this morning:

Then three of us went on a tour of Fukuoka, led by Tatyana.  First, the Fukuoka City Museum:

I won't bother to explain the above except to say that it cost around $5 for entrance, including the headphone/box explaining each exhibit.  It was okay if you have nothing better to do.  We decided to have lunch at the museum:

Godwin and I had a ginger pork meal with miso soup and a glass of sochu.  Thats' our tour guide in the above photo.

We then went on to Fukuoka Tower:

Walking to the tower, my Blue-bar and his friends greeted us, just about where there were red flowers:

The tower, 768 feet tall, will be 20 years old next year.  You saw it in the 1994 Godzilla vs SpaceGodzilla.  The elevator girl took us to the top:

It was a nice day and the view was spectacular:

Godwin and Tatyana above.  Who is that man in the middle?  You've got to go there yourself to find out.

That's a wedding site above, with a watercraft wharf to take us back to the other side:

Unfortunately, it does not operate in January and much of February, so we went back to our hotel by subway.  Altogether, we walked around 18 holes of golf.

My view is a night and day difference (yes, 13 movie theaters next door):

I decided not to join the group for dinner, and instead got an oyako donburi/kushiyake take-out, Asahi beer and sake to dine in my room:

Tomorrow, back to Kyushu University.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average tanked today, down 363 to 26,077.

If you're in Honolulu and reading this posting, at 2:51AM the Moon will be at total eclipse until 4:07AM.

The moon will not be black but red.  In Tokyo, totality begins at 9:51PM tonight (January 31), and the continental USA will only get a partial eclipse.


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