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Sunday, January 21, 2018


There are some recent constants in my postings.  For example, since 2015, beginning with Venice, the same blue-bar pigeon has regularly shown up in my photos no matter where I go around the world.  Of course, that is because wherever you go this particular breed dominates.  I know that, you know that, but it makes for good conversation.  Here he is Kyoto.

Similarly, I have remarked that, perhaps 15 Craigside, where I live, could well be Purgatory.  I have since expanded the concept to Hawaii, then Planet Earth.

What I'm leading to is that a few viewers of this blog have asked me if I've stopped eating, for there has been nothing this week about dining.  Frankly, I thought I overdid seafood last week, but on this Sunday, let me go into excruciating detail about what one person consumes in Purgatory, and, of course, rainbows are a staple here.

Here, I'm having steak/onions/eggs for breakfast on my lanai:

The past couple of days I've dined out for lunch, beginning with Rainbow Drive-In:

This is what marathon runners eat the night before the ordeal.  Let me be more definitive:  spaghetti, macaroni salad and rice, topped off with a hot dog.  I did not say what I like is always healthy.  I took this bento up to the Diamond Head Lookout where on a clear day you can see Molokai, Maui and Hawaii.

Up the hill from where I enjoyed this meal was the upper Diamond Head Lookout, the top of the mountain where the view of Oahu is absolutely spectacular (I show this to the left from a previous hike).  To get to that viewpoint, drive around to the other side of Diamond Head, enter the crater and walk up almost a mile, which should take you around half an hour.  Below is a popular surfing site, but the winds were blowing up to 50MPH, but if you have really good eyesight, you can distinguish two intrepid, or stupid, surfers:

Then yesterday I dined at Vintage Cave Cafe at the Ala Moana Shopping Center:

This is a very large Italian restaurant, the more economical outlet to the French-Asian Fusion Vintage Cave.  I've never seen it more than 10% occupied.  I had a Prosecco and two red wines with Caesar Salad and the best rack of lamb I've had in a decade and more.  If were wondering how I drove home after this lunch, I caught The Bus coming and going.

About those red wines, they recommended that I have the Tom Gore Field Blend from Sonoma.  It was swampy with a terrible nose, but does cost $40/bottle in your neighborhood wine shop.  It was drinkable.  The manager, Grant, subsequently brought a glass of Tormaresca Primitivo Puglia from Italy for free.  You can buy this bottle from $10-$14 in a market, so it's nothing special.  However, it was, in comparison, far superior in taste and body. That's a bunch of Primitivo grapes.

For dinner I bought a lobster at Marukai, and noted another rainbow:

Yes, we also have the fabled Green Flash in Purgatory.

I should add that tonight I dine with my Sunday night table.  Did I tell you that every night is a party at 15 Craigside, the gateway to Heaven?  I only have occasional lunches and rarely go down for breakfast, which is a waste of $30/day, but when you get old and have sufficient funds, your priorities in life change.

The final bit of good news is that there is today no serious ocean storm in Purgatory:


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