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Friday, January 5, 2018


SPECIAL ALERT:  My posting yesterday on Fire and Fury indicated that the book would be released on Tuesday, January 9.  Well, the publisher, Henry Holt & Company, did something very smart.  Before getting tangled in court, they today made copies available to the public.  Scroll down to the next article to read the full details.

Nearly five years ago I recommended that Redoubtable Leader Kim Jung Un of North Korea consider a total makeover:
  • Get a new hairstylist.
  • Lower your Body-Mass Index.
  • Hire a better photoshop expert.
  • Replace your TV announcer.
  • Soften your provocative overblown rhetoric.
  • Ditch Dennis Rodman for Michael Jordan.
  • Establish a legacy as the Universal Peace Advocate.
Finally listening, for on New Year's Day he expressed interest in joining the South for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, 80 miles east of Seoul and 80 miles from the DMZ (Seoul is 35 miles from the DMZ).  Kim said:

North and South must work together to alleviate the tensions and work together as a people of the same heritage to find peace and stability.

This is the first time he has made any kind of overture for peace.

About the Winter Olympics:
  • Curling and Ski Jumping begin on February 8--NBC will broadcast.
  • Opening Ceremony on Friday, February 9 (note, it will still be Thursday in the U.S.--time difference between Seoul and New York is 14 hours).
  • Ice Hockey Finals and Closing Ceremonies will be held on Sunday, February 25.
KTX High Speed Rail will take you from Incheon International Airport through Seoul to Pyeongchang (Jinbu) and Gangneung:

From Incheon to Gangneung in two hours and Seoul to Jinbu in 67-90 minutes.  Previously, it took 5 hours for the latter leg.  51 trains with a max speed of 155 MPH will will run each day.  A 7-day pass will be available for $183 (adult) to $91 (child).  There are no international hotel rooms now available anywhere near Pyeongchang during this period.   While the Sheraton D-Cube City in Seoul where I usually stay is booked during the Winter Olympics, rooms in other hotels are readily available.

About the games themselves:
  • the 23rd Winter Olympics
  • Four new events:
    • big air snowboarding
    • freestyle skiing
    • mass start  speed skating
    • doubles curling
  • 102 medals
  • there are two mascots, Soohorang, a white tiger, and Bandabi, an Asiatic black bear
As of last week, Germany was expected to prevail in total medals:
  • #1  Germany (40)
  • #2  Norway (38)
  • #3  Canada (32)
  • #4  USA (30)
  • #5  France (23)
  • #6  Netherlands (19)
  • #7  Japan (16)
Gold medals?
  • #1 Germany (14)
  • #2  Norway (14)
  • #3  France (10)
  • #4 USA (9)
  • #5  Canada (7), Korea (7) and Austria (7)
Winter Olympics 2022?  Beijing, for the first time any city will then have hosted both a Summer and and a Winter Olympics.  The 2000 Summer Olympics will be in Tokyo.

But back to the title, as White-Walled Leader Kim seems now well on his way to becoming a hero for world peace, let me attempt to again recommend that he adjust his hair style so as not to insult the role to which he will ascend.  While men in his country are not allowed to look like him, and hair dyeing is prohibited,  he has sanctioned a variety of allowable haircuts.

A couple of those look more presentable, but the Trump look cannot be recommended for Jung Un:

On the other hand, a reversal could well go a long way to change politics as we know it, which can only be good for Planet Earth and Humanity.

As the Trump Administration continues to sink, the American stock market is maintaining a record surge, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average today again broke an all-time high, now up to 25,296.


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