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Friday, January 12, 2018


Very few people know about Honolulu Fishing Village (HFV), located at Pier 38.  Most locals know popular areas by pier #:

  •   2:  cruise ships
  •   8:  Aloha Tower Market Place
  • 38:  Honolulu Fishing Village
If you're a tourist in Waikiki, the Purple Line will take you there.  The Bus #'s 19 and 20 will also work, but check the map for details, and there will be a minor hike.

Pier 38/HFV is where the only fresh-tuna auction occurs in the USA.  Every morning at 5:30 AM the brass bell rings, and an average of 55,000 pounds of seafood are sold. There is a tour on selected Saturdays from 6-7:30 AM for $25 ($20 for ages 8-12).  Wear closed-toe shoes, for you will probably walk through 1/2 inch water puddles.

When Harbor Restaurant first opened, I thought about having lunch there.  Today I went, and the place has now been operating for a year and a half, located on the second floor above Nico's:

I had an excellent Tongarashi Ahi Salad with a terrific beef/kim chee soup.  What you see above cost me $45 with tax and tip.  

Some remember Nico's as a messy take-out.  Well, it is now a very large restaurant (and probably half the price of the second floor) with a fish market.  The place is always crowded, but they seem organized:

The fish market has a pretty good sashimi/sushi counter:

I indicated to the person behind the counter that I had never seen local ahi with so much fat.  So he said, he can get a cut for me of only the whitish part:

Charged me $22/pound for the o-toro.  Marukai's o-toro is closer to $55/pound, and 70% of that is  a combination of akami and chu-toro.

Across the street is another seafood restaurant, Uncle's, and POP Fishing and Marine: 

I walked around and bought two shirts from POP:

The material is extremely comfortable, and they should be useful the next time I go skiing or fishing. Of course, I haven't done either for decades, but I'm in my final phase of doing particularly interesting things by the year 2020.

Ho-hum, the Dow Jones Industrial Average again broke its all-time high, now at 25,803.


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