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Thursday, January 18, 2018


I now and then feature guest posters.  Nearly seven years ago, a colleague of mine at the University of Hawaii, Chuck Helsley, contributed Heavy Ion Fusion.  He is now president of Fusion Power Corporation.  

Last year Jen Miller did 18 Health Benefits of Fish Oil.  Her posting can be linked HERE.

Tomorrow I will be replaced by Frank Apodaca on the surprising benefits of napping, while today, John Hawthorne of IQS Directory provided Hyperloop and the Future of Train Travel.  That's just one example of graphics from his comprehensive treatment of this topic.

Well, Tropical Cyclone Berguitta did devastate Mauritius last night, and now appears to be strengthening into a Category 2, heading directly for La Reunion.  Eight years ago I reported on my visit to those islands and I have a lot of friends on both.  I wish them well.


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