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Thursday, January 11, 2018


The 15 Craigside Photo Club held our monthly gathering, and our assignment was to combine "framing" with our New Year's resolutions.  I start with palm fronds and Diamond Head framing a rainbow:  I will be chasing more rainbows this year.

This shot was taken last month from House Without a Key, the site of my photo at the top of this blog.

The next four came from my trans-Canada trip last month.  Here, the Vancouver Aquarium:  I will be visiting more aquaria this year.

I caught this middle train (below) from Vancouver to Toronto.  The framing effect are those columns, while my resolution was to stop catching this type (the standard "old" train like Amtrak, too) for they are too dangerous for old people, or anyone.  First, the train is a quarter mile long and shaking all the time when moving, so you're bouncing between walls and doors and windows.  In Canada, these trains don't move much because freight has the priority.  The dining car meant walking outside (between trains) five time each way, where you experience snow, cold, dangerous railings, icy walkways and more.  Try sleeping in moment magnitude 3-7, yes 7, something I experienced in Tokyo.  Mind you, the varying views of snow were memorable, here to the  left my train framed by snow-covered Christmas pine trees.

In Toronto, I had lunch at what was once (1975-2007) the highest man-made structure, the CN Tower.  That's the city, showing my hotel, framed in the windows, and my resolution was to eat more Japanese wagyu beef:

On the return flight from Chicago to Los Angeles I fully realized how barren and beautiful our country can be.  Here, Hoover Dam and Lake Mead framed by the engine and wing of the plane, with a close-up of the dam.  Note the low water level:

Thirty-three miles to the left is Las Vegas, and my resolution was to see my brother who lives there this year.  I have a trip to Vegas planned for February.  

I thought I'd show two more photos, the first for the startling color and the second, a striking shot of the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System:

The photos of the entire club have been showing at the entrance of the 15 Craigside dining room, and will soon be shifted to the basement exhibition wall.

Our club took our annual photo:

The Dow Jones Industrials again broke its all-time high, up 206 to 25,575.


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