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Tuesday, December 26, 2017


Evolution is all about survival of the fittest.  As such, whether you're human or a jungle animal or plant, you are equipped to be ruthless.  Allelopathy is the ability of plants, bacteria and other species to protect itself by chemically inhibiting the competition.  Sunflowers seeds, for example, contain toxins that do not affect humans, but inhibit seed germination in other plants, and is being studied for weed control.

Abraham Maslow developed the hierarchy of human needs:

By analogy, here is a hierarchy of societal needs:

When a critical mass of humans attain the state of self-actualization, wars can be avoided and universal peace will be attained.  How close are we?
  • An International Peace Conference was held in London on 10 December 2005 and sold out of 1500 tickets.  But that was all.
  • The World Peace Council has met almost annually since 1948, the latest in 2012.  No announcement of next meeting.
  • There is a United Nations Peacebuilding Commission, which is an appropriate name, and since 2014 they have had annual sessions.
The point is that attempts have been made for eons, and we are not close to world peace.  How then to attain world peace forever?  I scanned the Huffington Post, and found:

Well, inner peace, acts of kindness, work-life balance, elimination of prejudice and a resolution to be happy just are not the kinds of solution I seek, as important as they might be.

From almost a decade ago in the Huffington Post even I attempted to short-cut the reality with a 10% solution towards Universal World Peace:
To quote from that third posting:

As more than half our Federal budget goes to the military, and we have no obvious enemy (there are only a few thousand terrorists worth worrying over) into the long term future, why not cut our defense outlays? This might be the ideal moment in time to lay the foundation for a more peaceful world of tomorrow.
I have said this before, in my original HuffPosting, “Well, Barack, We Have a Problem...,” and “The Ten Percent Solution.” To summarize, President Obama goes to the next G8 summit, and pronounces a Gorbachev-like bombshell: America will reduce defense spending by 10% this coming year, and will continue to slice 10% every year if you all do the same. In just a very few years, military spending will be minimal and the world will be at a higher level of peace forever. 
This is the 10% simple solution to peace. Before you make any inane comments, click on those articles to appreciate that Russia is getting feeble and China will also become old before it gets rich. The U.S. will be supreme for a long time to come, and those war funds can better be applied to cure Planet Earth and enhance the fate of Humanity.
Even though we spend more on defense than the next eight countries, can you imagine President Donald Trump applying my 10% solution by cutting the military budget?

But even I agree that this simple solution for world peace will never be allowed by the Military-Industrial Complex anyway, and if by some major miracle this proposal is agreed to, the reality is that it will in time collapse.  Peace is a vague concept today that only fuzzy minded people dream about.

However, Universal World Peace will someday be reached when the state of Humanity self-actualization is attained.  The Universe was banged into existence almost 14 billion years ago, Homo sapiens might be a third of a million years old, first farms maybe 10,000 years in our past, the United Nations 72 years ago, and reign of Donald Trump not quite one year.  Society has taken a couple of steps back this year, but I would not be surprised if we get our act together in a century or millennium.


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