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Saturday, December 16, 2017


I've been on around the world adventures about a dozen times, all of them flying.  Thus, when the thought of a world cruise came up, of course I was interested.  Read about GLOBAL CRUISE 2018:  Any Interest?  I reported on some progress, then there was a delay to 2020, and somewhat whimsically, I indicated that maybe 2025 might now be the year.

However, this morning I woke up to a truly fantastical global odyssey:  What about back to back around the world, beginning with a January 2020 cruise, followed by a Star Alliance First Class journey?  One needs to fly to some place like Fort Lauderdale (Florida) or Southampton (UK) or Sydney (Australia) to initially board anyway, so perhaps there can be some savings through the combination.

First, there is no such word as "fantastical," although there is some reference to something existing only in one's imagination.  Thus, Fantastical Global Odyssey is perfect, for the concept is mostly at this time inspirational.

My travel days are coming to a close, so I need to do something as soon as possible, and the Year 2020 will be about it.  That year has long been a goal for me, as in the early 1970's I was part of a group sponsored by NASA's Ames Research Center to save the world, and I came up with the title, Earth 2020, and the wife of the director, Hans Mark (he went on to become Chancellor of the University of Texas), dreamt up Visions for Our Children's Children.  Get it?  Perfect Vision--2020.

I never thought I'd reach 2020, for that would be my 80th year.  Now, I am less than three years away from reaching that age.

So what I'll do is weave-in things I want to do anyway, like complete the tossing of Pearl's Ashes, spend at least a week on the Shinkansen to follow the blossoming of cherry blossoms and finally visit places like Iceland.  Then I can with satisfaction spend the rest of my life in Purgatory, also known as 15 Craigside.

How much will all this cost?
  • You can get by for $20,000 on Holland American or Princess, but I still need to find a cabin mate who can pay her own way.  While there might be a couple on the consideration list, I'm still searching for the ideal companion.
  • My guess is that we'll want a better room than the worst, so the cruise part will probably be around $25,000/person.  I'm getting used to Crystal Cruises, so this potential remains, especially if I can find someone capable of subsidizing my expenses.
  • Around the world first class will cost $20,000 or so.  However, there are now so few first class flights.  If forced to take Business class, this cost drops to $12,000.  But there will be a month of other expenses, which could double the air/land portion to $20,000.
If this will be my final trip, $45,000 would be doable.  I've paid more for trips like My Ultimate Global Adventure, which took 51 days.  I spent 65 days on business class in my Grand Around the World Adventure, which involved a lot of stress.  A major problem I'm stuck with is that, before the trip even begins, I will have a $22,000 bill for NOT STAYING HOME.  That is what I will need to pay 15 Craigside during my absence of 5 months.  Will this all be worth it?  Well, the concept is still in the fantastical stage.


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