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Friday, December 8, 2017

TRANS-CANADA: Day 4--Vancouver Tour

I was so exhausted yesterday, I went to sleep at 6:30PM and stayed in bed until 7:30AM.  I must have slept 10 hours.  My breakfast was free, and I went on to catch the Hop-on / Hop-off trolley/bus.

Very confusing, as people trying to board had to be turned away.  Turned out that one was recently bought out by the other and they are now in transition.  The cost is $47/day, but with $5 extra, you can get on both.  Most tourists turned down the $5 option, which was far too thrifty, for the combination cut the wait time from one hour to half an hour.  During the Winter period, this fee is good for two days.  My train company paid for this activity. 

You can't take photos from inside the bus because the windows are plastic.  However, at the end of the bus is an open area, which was cold but open.

Confusingly, there are so many tourist options that I actually got on the wrong van and was taken to a casino half-way through my day.  No problem, for they brought me back to my bus stop.

The problem today is that it was so foggy, I barely saw anything. The closest I got to seeing the sun was in Chinatown:

Note the Canadian flag at the top left.  It was bizarre.  I got off in Chinatown, walked around for twenty minutes, and saw a whole bunch of markets, and various restaurants that were not Chinese.  Finally, Jade Dynast:

Kind of a grubby place, but I got the only window table to the right, and had Shanghai Soup Dumplings, to which I added a cup of corn/chicken soup.  I asked for a Canadian beer, but they said they only served Chinese:

Okay meal.  With tax and tip around $20 Canadian (divide by 1.25--you need to tip in Canada).

More photos of my personal tour (remember, it was really foggy) from Chinatown through Stanley Park, beginning with a steam clock from Otaru (Japan):

And back in town:

There were a few Fall color trees, and food trucks are very popular:

I stopped by Tokyo Joe's located next to the Sheraton and had a feast for dinner in my room:

My knee did not bother me today.  However, I was mostly sitting.  Tomorrow, on to Toronto.


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