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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

TRANS-CANADA: Day 2: San Francisco

Actually, San Francisco was just a stopover, but my experiences getting to Vancouver from Honolulu were highlighted by an unusually clear day for the Bay Area.  First, my free upgrade on United which expires next month was not honored from Honolulu to San Francisco.  

Goodbye to Hawaii and Diamond Head:

I just did not want to pay for breakfast, so ordered a can of Bloody Mary mix (free) with a small, very tiny, bag of potato chips.  To my shock, I had to use my credit card to pay $3.99 for that bag.  In my almost 3 million miles of air travel, I think this was the first time I actually had to pay for anything that was not duty free.  Fortunately, I had a bottle of Skyy Vodka in my pocket.

Here is view of San Francisco as California is reached:

The flight path was just over the Stanford campus:

Approach to San Francisco Airport:

The 15C Photo Club has an assignment to frame our shots of our New Year's Resolutions for 2018.  One of mine is to spend some time in San Francisco, which I will in February.

The connecting flight passed next to San Francisco:

Then the Cal-Berkeley Campus and a beautiful sunset:

Thus far, for the entire day, I've had a small bite of chocolate chip cookie and gulp of chocolate milk at home, potato chips / Bloody Mary on the previous flight...and the sun was setting.  I was in first class, but the only choices were a cold pasta salad and fruit plate.  Nothing else.  But the drinks were free.  So I got a container of potato chips with a glass of white wine.  I asked for something else, like nuts, or another Pringles, but the response was you got the only snack they had on the flight.  That's United for you.

I was worried about picking up my bag in Vancouver because from the time my first fight landed in SFO to departure was all of 45 minutes.  But I got it and caught a $35 taxi ride to the Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre.  Across the street from my hotel was this Lights of Hope scene.

There was an Club Lounge, and I sneaked in just before it closed at 8PM.  The meal was Middle Eastern / Mediterranean and the bottle of Molsen's cost me $10:

Around the world Sheraton Club Lounge's cocktail period drinks are free.  Not in Canada.  Ten dollars.

However, at least breakfast the next morning was free, and the view was spectacular:

One nice feature here is that they show you the weather next to the elevators:


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