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Thursday, December 14, 2017

TRANS CANADA: Day 10--Toronto to Honolulu via Chicago and Los Angeles

I'm at the Air Canada Lounge at Pearson International Airport in Toronto.  Adequate.

Some final thoughts about Canada:

  • Don't attempt a Trans-Canada train trip using VIA (the only way to do this).  As explained in an earlier posting, freight trains now have priority over those carrying passengers, and you should at least anticipate the prospects of being a whole day late in traveling from Vancouver to Toronto (and, remember, don't pronounce the second "t"), or reverse.
  • Toronto must have at least seven Chinese TV channels, and maybe three French stations.  This would be about the ratio of Chinese-speaking to French in the city.
  • Toronto cold is not as oppressive as in Vancouver because of the difference in humidity.  Vancouver feels colder because of the higher humidity.
  • Victoria has warmer winters than Vancouver, which is balmier than Toronto.  But the average high for Victoria in the winter is 48 F (33 F for Toronto), and Honolulu, which once reached 52 F.  The Yukon experienced minus 81.4 F in 1947.  But the Soviet Vostok Station in Antarctica got down in minus 128 F in 1983.
  • The all-time high for Vancouver is 93 F, but Toronto reached 105 F.  Portions of Saskatchewan went up to 113 F in 1937.  There was a confirmed 129 F in Kuwait, but Death Valley in the USA might have registered 134 F in 1913, which is generally considered today as a measurement error.  However, Death Valley had an average monthly (day and night) temperature in July 2017 of 107 F).
  • The quality of life index has Denmark at #1, USA #9 and Canada #15.
  • The quality of life safety index:  #1 Singapore, Canada #27 and USA #44, just behind Russia and ahead of Thailand.
  • Health Care Index:  #1 Taiwan, #24 Canada and #26 USA.
  • Pollution Index:  #1 Finland, #12 Canada, and #15 USA.
  • Climate Index:  #1 Portugal, #32 USA and #48 Canada, just between India and Thailand.
Goodbye Toronto:

Plane in Rainbow:

Walkway from Concourse B to C at O'Hare:

The rest of the trip home was so extraordinary, that I will continue this journey tomorrow.


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