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Sunday, October 8, 2017


Honolulu Star-AdvertiserLater this morning I give my final major speech to the MENSA Pacific Regional Conference, at the Ala Moana Hotel.  Yesterday I glanced through the Star-Advertiser, and felt compelled to editorialize on their leading articles:
  • At the very top of page one was an announcement that the City Council approved the rail recovery plan.  If they only had listened to me a quarter century ago when I recommended that they consider asking international consortia to build the rail stations by providing zoning rights for development near their station, the feds would have paid for most of the rail construction and the system by now would have been operating for more than a decade.  A hui from China, for example, could have paid for everything in their zone, including a hotel, restaurants, shopping area...and even, perhaps, a showroom for two pandas. If the total system had been implemented, Oahu would have cemented itself as the true world gathering place.  And the rail would be used all the time, for the best restaurants, hotels and attractions would be located at the various stations.  Here is my posting on this subject, #10 on my Mensa talk will cover this topic.
  • On page A2, Trump won't elaborate on 'calm before the storm.'   North Korea?  Iran?  Islamic State?  Guess who's now spreading false news, not that this is the first time.  On the op ed page, A9, Kathleen Parker, gets sarcastic about Trump regarding guns, speculates that Rex Tillerson will be the next to go and otherwise deliciously dissects PUS #45.
  • On page A3, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), a Geneva-based disarmament office manned by three people.  This organization had a lot to do to enable the United Nations to:
On July 7, the United Nations adopted the first treaty imposing a total ban on nuclear weapons. This Nuclear Prohibition Treaty covers all aspects of nuclear weapons, including their use and threat of use, testing, development, possession, sharing and stationing in a different country. It provides a pathway for countries with nuclear weapons to join and destroy their nuclear arsenals. One hundred twenty-two nations — all non-nuclear — voted to adopt the treaty.
  • Fabulous, right?  Now Kim Jung-un cannot do anything about building hydrogen bombs for missiles, right?  Nope. 
...the nine nuclear-armed countries — Britain, China, France, India, Israel, North Korea, Pakistan, Russia and the United States — boycotted the negotiations. So did all NATO members (except the Netherlands) as well as Japan and South Korea, all of which are protected by U.S. nuclear weapons. Although there was jubilation in the negotiating hall after the successful vote, the United States, Britain and France announced in a joint statement, saying, “We do not intend to sign, ratify or ever become party to it. … clearly disregards the realities of the international security environment,” including the growing threat of North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs.
  • ICAN was launched in 2007 and has 468 partner organizations in 101 countries.  What I should have done was open an office in Honolulu following my 10% peace plan, which was published in The Huffington Post in 2008.  An insult, but President Barack Obama ignored my gift to him.  Undaunted, I then sent a message to President Hu Jintao, called Three Steps for China to Attain Superpower Status.  No response.  So I then communicated with Xi Jinping in yet another HuffPo, indicating that he had the opportunity to engineer a mid-course correction for the benefit of mankind, not unlike what Mikhail Gorbachev did to end the Cold War.  Silence.  But I don't give up that easily.  In July I posted on:  HOW KIM JUNG-UN CAN BECOME A HERO FOR WORLD PEACE.  How?
    • First he says my missiles were always an attempt at going to Mars.  He argues, though, that his country would stop testing them and disarm all their nuclear bombs if ALL other nations do so too. Elon Musk might object, but let's say unusual sanity prevails, and somehow, society does, in time, eliminate these weapons. 
    • Jung-un's challenge is even better than my 10% solution to world peace I recommended to Barack Obama in my first article for The Huffington Post more than nine years ago, followed by a couple more, for if any world leader seriously proposed my pathway, there would still be 15,000 nuclear weapons hanging around.  Kim Jung-un can one-up me for the benefit of Humanity. 
I would bless the award the Norwegian Noble Committee would award to Kim Jung-un if disarmament occurs.  I don't need credit.  Just the reality of world peace forever would be good enough for me.

For the record, Hurricane Nate came and went, but will bring some winds and lot of rain to various states, as shown below:


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