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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

FABULOUS FALL FANTASY: Day 12--Doing Nothing in Bangkok

I've been well occupied for the first eleven days of this trip, but today I have absolutely nothing scheduled.  I've moved to the JW Marriott, and here is my view to the left.

That skinny building in the background is Baiyoke Tower II, the second tallest in the country at 88 stories and 1014 feet.  The highest is MahaNakhon, only 77 floors, but 1031 feet.  On April 15 of this year I reported on this structure, where I had lunch that day at Joel Robuchon's L'Atelier.

The location is not so terrific, as the JW is located between two subway stops.  This shot from the Nana Station:

This is my third day in Bangkok and I have not yet been to a paying restaurant.  My eating started with a free breakfast at the Sheraton Grand Sukhumvit of steak and eggs:

That's the Sky Train rolling by, with The Westin in the background.  Yes, two Starwood properties on each side of Asoke Station.  Orange, coconut, guava and watermelon juices, plus something called Thai Tea, which is like a cappuccino, but made from tea.

I enjoyed that tea so much that I finished with a closing croissant.

This was the day I reported on yesterday about the flower display for the Royal Cremation.  I was so wrapped up with that experience that I missed lunch.  After returning to the Sheraton, I took a long bath, enjoyed a free Kir Royale with a snack in the Library, then went across to the basement next to the Westin to purchase my dinner, which I had in my room:

Singha Thai Beer, Thai Noodles and ahi (yellow-fin tuna) sashimi.

I had another free and gigantic breakfast at the Sheraton, then moved to the JW Marriott.  The Lounge here is fabulous:

The club featured Italian, and I finished with a dessert and cappuccino.  

The room was so cold with the air conditioner stuck at freezing that I actually slept just about 10 hours, with a couple of restroom awakenings.  The breakfast setting was even more exceptional:

At the bottom station I ordered a crepe stuffed with almonds, walnuts and chocolate:

I will be returning here tomorrow morning for the full monty, so I kept this one simple.  I've been having a Lilikoi (passion fruit) every morning.

I spent a good part of the day watching the World Series, Dodgers over Astros 3-1.  Last night there actually was an NFL football game on.  This is neither a football nor baseball town.  Let me take that back.  At just about any time, you have a selection of six football games, but we call that soccer in the USA.

I walked around a bit, and that was about it.  I did decide to make a few more safari shirts and will report on that experience in a couple of days.  Things change awfully quickly here in Bangkok.

The BBQ meal at The Lounge was terrific, and free:

I almost hate to repeat this, but the Dow Jones Industrial Average again broke its all-time high, jumping 168 to 23,441.

Tropical Storm Saola will become a typhoon and approach Tokyo just about when my plane gets there from Incheon on Monday,  

However, present projections show the storm mostly past when I arrive at Noon.  I hope, anyway.


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