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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

FABULOUS FALL FANTASY: Day 5--Nagoya to Matsumoto

My morning at the Marriott Nagoya began with the usual enjoyable breakfast:

I then boarded the train to Matsumoto, a ride of two hours.  Along the way, the view included the Japanese Southern Alps and persimmon trees:

It's a 20-minute uphill hike from Matsumoto Station to Matsumoto Castle.  The weather was perfect for ideal.  The city has around a quarter million people.  On the walk up you could already see fall colors.  The Seiji Ozawa Matsumoto Festival is held here annually in August.  The Saito Kinen Orchestra performs, with guests.

This is generally not widely known, but nine months before the Tokyo subway attack in 1995, the Aum Shinrikyo doomsday cult here practiced the release of sarin mainly to assassinate three judges who were overseeing a court case against them, killing eight and sickening 500 in Matsumoto.

At this point I was getting worried, for I had yet to see Pearl's Gold Koi.  As I was taking photo of fall leaves...

What a feeling of satisfaction.  However, she was again all alone, away from the crowd.

On the trip back I again purchased too much to eat:

That is a bag of crispy wasabi to the left.

Back at the Marriott, I was still filled from that lunch, so just had a small bite:

Not exactly exciting, but another fabulous fall day.  Tomorrow, back to Tokyo.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average again broke its all-time high, up 40 to 22,997.  Great for my endowments.

Lan is now a typhoon, expected to attain at least Category 4 strength, and head straight for TOKYO!!!  

I am scheduled to depart for Bangkok on Monday, so should just about leave before the cataclysm.  However, I'd better look into leaving Tokyo on Sunday.  Why take a chance.


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