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Friday, October 27, 2017

FABULOUS FALL FANTASY: Day 14--What I Accomplished in Bangkok

You've probably long ago figured out that I now value comfort and security when I travel.  In any case, Google doesn't allow you to get too salacious, which is not necessarily why my postings are mostly prosaic.  Thus, my continued exhibition of food photos and the like.  Worse, I actually went to two American films yesterday:

                                   Rotten Tomatoes      Box Office   My 
                               Reviewers Audiences       Mojo      Rating

Geostorm                        11          46                  2            B

Blade Runner 2049        88          81                  4            B-

How could I possibly give Geostorm a higher rating?  Well, my mental state was such that I needed an in your face, almost predictable outcome featuring next generation science and technology.

Geostorm had terrible production problems and did miserably at the box office in the first weekend, but earned quite a bit more internationally.  Not sure what year this was in the movie, but it was International Space Station IV that was responsible for the global cataclysm.  The worst you can say of ISS the First is that it will cost more than $150 billion, not create one successful company in space, with an expectation of crashing into Earth in a decade or so.

The first Blade Runner (Rotten Tomatoes:  90/91) starred Harrison Ford,  was directed by Ridley Scott (Alien), and appeared 35 years ago.  My problem with Blade Runner 2049 is that I never saw the original.  Thus, I was confused, and remained so to the very end.  I'm still not sure what exactly happened nor why.

To better understand the film, you should know that there are humans, and different models of man-made synthetics, or replicants.  Harrison Ford was a human cop for the Los Angeles Police Department in 2019.  Thus, the sequel occurs 30 years later, when replicants were evolving and rebelling.  The key "secret" is that replicants were now breeding, especially with humans.

Blade Runner 2049 stars Ryan Gosling (as K) and Harrison Ford, with direction by Denis Villeneuve (Arrival).  Gosling is a replicant serving as an officer for the LAPD.  Here is my confusion, and I'm probably giving too much away:
  • K is the son of Harrison Ford's character from the first film, I think.
  • There is a twin, a female...let me stop here to avoid giving everything away.
Oh, there is already a Blade Runner 3, a book by K.W. Jeter, published in 1996.  Will there be a film?  You can bet on that.

To close, I'll need to watch the first Blade Runner.  Then, see Blade Runner 2049 again.

Each film cost me $3.33, and I had a large coke with a huge tub of spicy (wasabi and thai hot) popcorn for $5.12.  The seats are super comfortable and the sound system outstanding.  You need to stand when the Thai Anthem is played.

Walking from the Ayoke Station, there are photos, paintings, displays and stories of the former King everywhere.

Just getting into the theater meant you needed to be screened at the Terminal 21 Mall entrance.

Inside the mall can be found three floors of restaurants and a basement market.  Otherwise, there is shopping galore on four floors.  And a maneki-neko.

I had lunch at Ottoya.  Soba and yellow-fin tuna over rice.  There is a Shanghai soup dumpling place in this mall.  Perhaps lunch on Friday.

For those with a craving for Durian, that foul-smelling fruit, this is a flavor for ice cream and an assortment of other dairy products.  You can also buy the fresh fruit.  I did not try any of it on this trip.

Anyway, another reason for coming to Bangkok was to order Generation X (lost count) of my safari shirts, for this could well be my final trip to Thailand, so I need a lifetime supply.  I also made a few adjustments.  To my shock, when I went to Jackie's, this is what I saw to the right.  The whole block was gone.

So I walked a few yards to Baron's and got them to copy the vest I had.  The quoted cost was lower than what I paid at Jackie's.  I did not like the available prints, so I went out and added a couple more.

After a fitting yesterday, I picked up my shirts today:

The only differences with the previous vest were that the new ones are two inches longer, and with larger inside pockets.

 Projections for Tropical Storm Saola seem to be showing signs of further moving east:

Also Saola seems to be picking up speed and now should be past Narita Airport when I arrive at Noon on Monday.


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