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Thursday, October 5, 2017


Sure major league baseball playoffs have begun, but hurricanes have devastated the Caribbean and parts of the USA, the situation with North Korea remains tense, Las Vegas is recovering from a massacre and much of the nation seems to be in a state of doom and gloom.  However, in the midst of these calamities, there are heroes.

Across the border, eight-year-old Frida, the Mexican rescue dog, was credited with saving 52 lives.  Note her shoes.  Here is a clip of Frida.

Twelve-year old Darci Lynn Farmer beat 9-year old Angelica Hale on America's Got Talent, winning a million dollars and a Las Vegas contract.  Here's her winning performance.  

She plans to buy her mom a dishwasher and get a baby pug.  I wonder if Frida might want to send one of her pups. 

See one of Angelica's performance.   She's alive because at the age of four she received one of her mother's kidneys.

A third young female charmer was another 9-year old, Celine Tam.  Watch her sing Celine Dion's My Heart Will Go On.  Her younger sister's name is Dionne.  Their father is Dr. Steve Tam, a music teacher from Hong Kong.

Darci Lynn was almost too shy at the beginning, and continued to grow.  Angelica and Celine are incredibly mature for 9-year olds.

Got to name National Football League owners and players heroes of the month:

I also nominate as heroes the Louisiana Cajun Navy for coming to the rescue of Texas suffering from Hurricane Harvey.  They went because they experience Hurricane Katrina, and just had to help.  Here is a news clip.

For Hurricane Irma, what about Sister Margaret Ann, a school principal in Miami?  A hero with a chainsaw.

It sometimes pays to complain.  San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz criticized the Trump Administration for their sluggish aid response.  First, Trump lambasted her for acting like a Democrat (which she is), but, then, had to do something.

You, too, can become a hero.  Donate to UNICEF USA for Hurricane Maria relief..., the City of Las Vegas is seeking help through GoFundMe, linked to Chair Steve Sisolak, Clark County Commission.

Tropical Storm Nate is still on track to become a hurricane, and the present track shows him heading for New Orleans on Sunday:

Tropical Storm Ramon, yesterday with a track to Hawaii, just plain dissipated.


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