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Tuesday, October 10, 2017


What do members of Mensa eat?  I googled this question, and there was no answer.  But I found:

    9 foods to eat to give your brain a boost 

There was the usual list:  foods with Omega-3 fatty acids, anti-oxidants, vitamins and such, including wine and chocolate.

Today in the Star Advertiser there was another of those top to bottom, half-page ads, this one on CoQ10, a so called jet fuel to supercharge your mitochondria.  Pictured is Dr. Oz.  How, then, could this not work?  Well, various medical groups indicate that this diet supplement is not yet proven to do anything truly beneficial.  It's probably not worth the money you spend.

Anyway, intelligence mostly comes from your parents and your growth process, not what you eat.  Nature or nurture?  The latest studies seem to indicate two things:  scientists are not sure, but as genetics are responsible for from 40% to 80% of how smart you are, inherited genes appear to be more important than the environment.

In any case, that title above has nothing to do with what Mensans consume.  If you follow this blog site you know that on Sunday and Monday I gave two talks to the Mensa Pacific Region gathering.  Tomorrow I'll post on my entire speech, entitled HOW TO GAIN FORTUNE AND/OR FAME IN PARADISE, for the theme of this conference was Prodigies in Paradise.

After I gave my presentation from 11 to Noon on Sunday, I wanted to catch Howard Dicus, noted local TV personality, at 1PM, for he would be speaking on whether Tchaikovsky committed suicide or if Handel was a spy, plus, which progressive rock band was the most classical, and other topics on his mind.  I had to get a quick lunch.

The only restaurant at the Ala Moana Hotel was Royal Garden, which, after a third of a century, will close at the end of this month.  Yikes, the waiting list was an hour long.  

I thus had to walk to the Ala Moana Shopping Center.  It was already 12:30 when I found Tanaka's of Tokyo.  But their next table (this is a teppan yaki place) would not be ready for another 15 minutes.  So I sat at the bar and had a beer with poke.  It was 1:15PM when I was ready to go (the poke took twenty minutes to make), so I just went home.  By now you should have a clue on what Mensa Food is all about:  what I ate after and before my Mensa talks.

Monday was to be a monumental day for me, as this would be my final major speech.  I've given at least a thousand lectures (mostly to my classes and at conferences), and I knew when my Mensa talk was over, a huge weight would be taken off me.  It was to be like after gaining a PhD you would never have to take any serious mental exam again.  So I thought I'd celebrate in advance.  I stopped by Foodland Farms at the Ala Moana Shopping Center.

I got a counter seat at R. Fields to have some wine with my lunch.  I then went around to various food stations:

I skipped the mochi ice cream and ended up with chicken barbecue on a stick, belly pork bao, tomato/cheese soup and a musubi...with  French Champagne, Napa Rose', German Reisling and Australian Shiraz:

I thought a monumental feast before my final talk was justified.  I still had an hour before my talk, so had a fancy Starbuck's iced expresso concoction:

I didn't want to be totally inebriated for my finale.  I checked into the Mensa desk:

My talk went well, and tomorrow I'll post my final speech.  Then on Thursday, I'm off for Japan, Thailand and South Korea.  Interesting that Mensa did not even offer lunch for two one-hour talks, while Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology will cover the cost of my round trip flight from Honolulu (plus a few days in Tokyo)  just to give a 5 minute testimonial for retiring president Tadashi Matsunaga, here to the left with me earlier this year at Vintage Cave. 

The other person selected to also honor Professor Matsunaga is Tetsuya Osaka of Waseda, who is rumored to be the richest professor in Japan.  Last year he took Tadashi and me out to a Korean bar in Honolulu and immediately ordered three bottles of champagne.

I went home, took a nap, had my usual Monday Night Table dinner, where Dexter fixed Gin/Tonic/Grand Marnier cocktails and we had Korean Shoju, too.  Even enjoyed a special poker night, where I probably lost more money than ever before, which was around $10.  This is what retired people do in Purgatory.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average again broke it's all-time record today, up 70 to 22,831:


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