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Friday, September 15, 2017


I woke up this morning in a supremely reflective mood, feeling blessed about everything.  Humanity, including even Donald Trump, is continuing to progress, the Dow Jones Industrial Average will break another all-time high today and I'm at the peak of my life.  I thought I'd better articulate on this once in a lifetime sense because very soon will come the doom.  I don't believe in any kind of afterlife and I absolutely won't be able to maintain my lifetime luck on health and things in general.

Last month I hinted about this all with:  IS THIS TIME FOR A LIFE-COURSE CORRECTION?  Just five days before that, I posted on I'M ALIVE AND ALL IS WELL, reporting on what could have been the end of my life if the worst happened.  On August 3rd I said that this was THE BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE.  After all, cataract surgery had restored my vision to 20-20, the tinnitus I've been suffering from most of my life seemed to have receded, I walk 18 holes at the Ala Wai Golf Course twice/week, I have never ever dined so well, I've found a way to check my blood pressure and my decision to live for myself has reduced a lot of stress and inflammation.  Simply, I'm happy, blissfully independent and consummately satisfied.

Since then, I've purchased a new iPhone, replaced my 10-year old car and will take a ten-day trip next month to enjoy the Japan Fall Colors.  The actual peak of my life, though, could occur on October 8 and 9 when I present two one-hour talks to the Pacific Region gathering of MENSA, a bunch of really smart people:

Mensa has three stated purposes:

-To identify and foster human intelligence for the benefit of humanity

-To encourage research in the nature, characteristics and uses of intelligence

-To promote stimulating intellectual and social opportunities for its members.

— From Mensa International's website "About Mensa"

However, to quote from one of these gatherings:

Interestingly, at Mensa's 50th Anniversary, Dr. Lancelot Ware, one of the founders, addressed Mensans by stating that he hoped that “Mensa will have a role in society when it gets through the ages of infancy and adolescence.” He also said, “I do get disappointed that so many members spend so much time solving puzzles,” expressing his desire for Mensans instead to be solving some of the world's problems.

At this time, the title of my talk is How to Get Rich and/or Famous in Paradise.  These could well be the final two major presentations I will ever make, and what an opportunity, for they should be seeking ideas to Save Planet Earth and Humanity, and I will give them a dozen or so of my most brilliant concepts, including my 10% Simple Solution for World Peace, how to remediate global warming and the future of both ground and air transport.

As phantasmagorical as the above might be, the beauty of my present existence is that I really actually live a very simple life.  I try to go golfing MWF, with TuTh for lunch outings.  Yesterday, for example, I caught The Bus into Waikiki, and walked to the International Marketplace.  I had recently read about the opening of Herringbone, bringing California chic to an ocean-to-table menu.  This is one of the two Hakkasan Group openings, the other Yauatcha.  Here are Roy Yamaguchi's Eating House, Yauatcha and Michael Mina's Stripsteak, also on the top floor of the complex:

Herringbone is to my back.  Okay, what went wrong?  It was closed.  So I went to Goma Tei Ramen, located to my left when I was taking this photo.  There are at least five of them in Honolulu.  

Even though they specialize in noodles, I tried their chicken curry loco moco with a mug of Kirin beer. I added a plate of garlic somethings to pour over the dish.  I made two kinds of hot sauces:  with vinegar and another of oil.  I was profusely sweating midway through the meal.

Good service and an excellent, but expensive, loco moco.  All the above with tax and tip...$25.  But the bus ride was free.  A taxi, one way, would have cost at least as much.

On the way back to the bus stop I noticed a now complete snack area at the street level of the International Market Place by Michael Mina, The Street.  A bunch of local-Asian fast food outlets.  Less than a hundred yards on Kuhio in the Ewa direction is Duke's Lane, another eating complex with a market, huge bar and large liquor store.  Good places to buy your meal if you want to eat in  your hotel room.

Today, I walk 18 holes, and am tempted to drop by J-Shop for a cut of Japanese wagyu beef, then Marukai for a slice of chu-toro, which I will enjoy on my lanai.  Yes, life is good and I'm very happy.

As I earlier indicated, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, too, is delirious.  Yesterday, an all-time high.  Today, another all-time high, reaching 22,268.

Why?  Maybe we should give President Donald Trump more credit, although it is naturally unbecoming for him to keep bragging about this.

Ocean storms are increasing:

From the right, yet another tropical storm has formed in the same path as Irma and Jose, with the latter slated to become a hurricane tomorrow, but keeps sliding slightly west and could well now impact the New England states:

In the East Pacific, Norma is also just about to become a hurricane, and will make landfall over Baja early next week:

In the West Pacific, Typhoon Talim is weakening, projected to make landfall just north or Kagoshima, and roll over Japan through the weekend:


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