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Saturday, October 14, 2017

FABULOUS FALL FANTASY: Day 2--Tokyo to Sendai

In keeping with FFF, my morning began with a fabulous breakfast at the Tokyo Westin.  Here are what options are available:

Just the rice noodles would normally have sufficed for my breakfast, but in addition:

  • Caesar salad
  • rice
  • inari zushi
  • natto
  • assortment of Japanese pickles
  • saba (fish)
  • miso soup
  • two eggs
  • peach juice
  • orange juice
  • cappuccino
How did I do?

I pretty much ate everything.

After a short while, I stored two bags for pick-up when I returned, checked out and walked to the Ebesu Station, where I used my Japan Rail Pass to catch the Yamanote Line to Tokyo Station.  I bought a fancy unagi bento, the kind where you pulled a yellow string to activate some chemicals to heat the meal, plus a Suntory/water and sake:

I brought my own ice.  The meal was fabulous.  There is something about enjoying a lunch while watching the scenery whiz by at 200 MPH.  I opened the bento to see what the heating pad looked like;

Took 1.5 hours to get to Sendai.  Walking to the Central exit, I could see the Sendai Westin (tallest building):

Was about a ten minute walk, checked in, took the elevator to the 31st floor to get to my room, where the hotel had provided a few drinks with fruits and sweets:

Looking closer at the above photo, you can see Sendai Station in the background, where I took the earlier shot:

I told myself I would walk 2-4 miles every day, so off I went to see Sendai.  I dropped by Daiso and bought the following:

Want to guess what all the above cost?  $7.56.  Of course, the Crocs did not quite say Croc, and was made in China.  Who said things were too expensive in Japan.

After about three miles I came back to my room, took a bath and went to the Executive Club for a very small free bite:

Even though I had a gigantic breakfast and formidable lunch, one small sandwich was not quite enough, so I added some salami, cheese and bread.

Thus far, in two days, I've spent around $10/day on food.  Tomorrow, I'm off for Hokkaido.

Hurricane Ophelia has strengthened to 115 MPH and is, indeed, headed for Ireland.

In the West Pacific, Typhoon Khanun is now expected to make landfall over Zhanjian:


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