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Sunday, October 29, 2017

FABULOUS FALL FANTASY: Day 16--Bangkok to Seoul

I was schedule to leave at 6AM from the Sheraton Grand Sukhumvit in Bangkok.  The hotel fixed a free takeout breakfast box, which I ate in my room:

On the Thai Air flight from Bankgok to Tapei, I had the following:

In Taipei those continuing on to Seoul had to take all our carry-on baggage, walk a long distance to again go through the security process, walk all the way back to the wait area, eventually board an hour later, then proceed to our same seat.  Second meal:

Interesting views just before Incheon International Airport:

The bus to Sheraton D-Cube City was easy, and the cost was less than $15.  I decided to check-in through the Executive Club, and good thing, for the happy hour was closing in ten minutes:

The next morning was a tad foggy:

Fall colors were just only beginning.  For breakfast, I met up with the Feast manager, Hoon Cho:

He remembered me from my previous visit.  Feast is in the very top tier of these breakfast buffets in the Orient:

This was my final real meal of my trip, for my dinner would be in the Executive Club, I leave at 6AM tomorrow morning, then I have access to Asiana/United/ANA clubs in Incheon and Narita.  They also serve food and drinks on the planes.

The Sheraton D-Cube City is in the middle of a nice shopping mall, with the #1 and #2 subway lines in the basement.  I took the #1 line two stops to the Gassan Digital Complex Station, where I went shopping at the Lotte and Mario outlets.  That is a very large statue to the left.  I bought a couple of shirts.  I stopped by Uniqlo to compare prices with Japan, and the same items cost 20% more here.

I checked on what was playing in the D-Cube City theaters, and was mildly interested in a broadway show, Billy Elliot, with music by Elton John.  The seat prices varied from $55 to $125.  However, I had to wake up at 5AM.

I ended my busy day with dinner at the Executive Club for free:

Well, this is my final posting in the Orient, for my next effort will be from home in Honolulu.

Typhoon Saola has weakened into a tropical storm and will pass over Narita a few hours before I arrive from Seoul:


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