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Tuesday, October 3, 2017


I've got an assortment of photos on my desktop I was planning to use for future blogs, but will clear them all by just inserting them into this transitional posting featuring views from my Purgatory, only half-way making any sense.  I begin with, to the left, lava flowing into the ocean off the Big Island, then two shots I took while on a flight over Oahu, beginning with a view of, from the top left, Craigside (biggest brown building), where I lived for 32 years, 15 Craigside (the shorter green one), my final home, and Pali Highway to the right:

In the second shot, the dark area is Diamond Head, with the Ala Wai Golf Course below that and Waikiki to the right:

Back on land, at the right edge of Diamond Head are two lookouts:  at the very top after a hike, and lower down where cars park by the lighthouse, and on occasion you can actually see Molokai, Maui, the Big Island, and, maybe Lanai.  From this site, looking up to the top, you can see the higher lookout location, with my new Honda Fit, which now has a license plate:

And looking towards the ocean below are surfers:

Here at this scenic spot is where I had my favorite huli-huli chicken bento (note how the drumstick always sticks out of the container) which I had purchased from Hawaii's Best Kitchen, next to Rainbow Drive-In:

Moving on to the Ewa side of Waikiki, my new Honda Fit (before license plate, for these photos are not in chronological order, which replaced my ten-year old Honda Fit) next to the Hilton Hawaiian Village.  

Then a few yards further along the coastline towards downtown, a sunset view of the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor:

Then in the Ewa direction is the Ala Moana Shopping Center, location of Vintage Cave Cafe (which is an Italian restaurant, not as expensive as Vintage Cave, the French-Pacific-Japanese fusion icon), where I enjoyed lunch of pizza and Pinot Grigio from Santa Margherita (Italy) and salad from Tijuana (Mexico, invented by Caesar Cardini):

Next, a series of meals I had at 15 Craigside, beginning with my favorite lunch there, sashimi (always donated by Henry, our poker commissioner) with white and red wines:

That's all we ate, sashimi.  Of the 90 meals/month I pay for at 15 Craigside, I only have, perhaps, 20 in our dining room.  My lanai is where I most eat, starting with Popeyes Louisiana Chicken, which first opened just about when I was graduating from LSU in 1972 (outside of New Orleans).  The must have is the jalapeƱo pepper, which comes dangerously close to killing you with the hotness, but absolutely necessary to maximize the experience.  Note how large it is on the salad plate.

The chicken is cheap, but that is a very expensive bottle of Stanford Cab.  Ham and eggs:

My breakfasts are sometimes simple:

Then again, there are the extravagant ones with Japanese Wagyu Beef and sashimi:

Finally, photos I took of Pearl's statue at Jindaiji with those angelic chimes to the left, the recent total eclipse of the sun, and ending with where I began, the flow of lava from the current Big Island eruption:

I neglected to say that yesterday the Dow Jones Industrial Average broke yet another all-time high,  closing at 22,558, and did so again today, now up to 22,642.


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