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Monday, November 30, 2015


I did say I was planning to report on the Dengue Epidemic facing the Big Island of Hawaii.  However, that will come tomorrow, for I saw in the Sunday paper an op-ed (column opposite the editorial page) entitled Weird GOP Science (by Seth Borenstein left, Associated Press science writer) which had everything to do with the global warming activities now occurring in Paris (more specifically, Le Bourget, a commune six miles from the center in the suburbs of north Paris--so the feared traffic jams can be largely avoided--there is even a third airport there)

He provided a bar graph, where the AP asked a panel of scientists to review presidential candidates.  While the results are somewhat shocking, it is not surprising:

If you can't see Hillary Clinton's number, it is 94.  So you ask, okay, who are these scientists anyway?  They are
  • Michael Mann (meteorology professor, Penn State)
  • Andrew Dessler (climate scientist, Texas A&M)
  • James Elsner (atmospheric scientist, Florida State)
  • James J. McCarthy (biological oceanography professor, Harvard)
  • William Easterling (dean of Earth and Mineral Sciences College, Penn State)
  • Louisa Bradtmiller (professor of environmental studies, Macalester College)
  • Emmanuel Vincent (climate scientist, University of California at Merced)
  • Mathew Huber (professor of climatology, climate dynamics and impacts prediction, University of New Hampshire and University of California at Santa Cruz)
Wouldn't you rather believe these eight scholars than the seven Republicans (the red bars) at the bottom of the chart above?  Nether dweller Ted Cruz has said "climate change is not science, it's religion."  The four leading Republican candidates today have the lowest four scores, averaging around 14 points out of 100.  Following the standard grading curve, the only Republican candidate to pass, Jeb Bush, would get a D.

If you can't read those numbers, click on the table.  Anyway, as amazingly featherbrained as those more traditional Republican results might be, Tea Party Republicans are beyond the pale.  70% of Tea Party members believe there is yet NO SOLID EVIDENCE of global warming!  You know who votes for them?  I can speculate, but I definitely would be insulting a wide swath of Americans, mostly from the east, but also with some density in the west.

I should end here, but let me show some quotes and paraphrases from an article today by Michael Memoli (right)
  • Bill Gates (mostly funds Democrats) leads the Breakthrough Energy Coalition, committing the private sector to help spread clean-energy technologies...
  • Also involved are Mark Zuckerberg (supports both parties) and Jeff Bezos (while almost a libertarian, has tended to support Democratic candidates).
  • Senate Republicans have been working to block Obama's request for the first installment of his $3 billion pledge for the UN (climate change) fund.
  • They (Republicans in Congress) say his (Obama's) commitment to reduce emissions from U.S. power plants would cost thousands of American jobs and raise electricity costs for business and families.  (My comment:  Republicans are correct.  Global climate change remediation will cost a lot of money.  But what if we do is the largely the situation today?)
  • Said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to the Washington Post yesterday:  Obama's international negotiating partners in Paris should proceed with caution before entering into an unattainable deal with this administration, because commitments the president makes there would rest on a house of cards of  his own making.
I should have inserted a disclaimer at the beginning, for, more than seven years ago I published in The Huffington Post the following article:

     Why Do Republicans Like Fossil Fuels and Not Care That Much for the Environment?

I also once worked for Democrat Senator Spark Matsunaga in the U.S. Senate.

So, tomorrow, I report on Dengue Fever in Hawaii.  Later in the week I'll add the latest developments in The Venus Syndrome, then a review of the movie Trumbo, not in the top ten this week, but a excellent film worth your while.

I am pleased to note that Weather Underground reports there are no ocean storms:


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