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Thursday, November 26, 2015


Well, my photographic summary of my GAWA is completed today.  Two and a half years ago, when I reviewed My Ultimate Global Adventure, I related the experience to the 1956 version of Around the World in 80 Days.  Tomorrow I compare with the 2004 Jackie Chan film  Then, over the weekend, I'll bring you up to date on extrasolar planets, for a few interesting developments have occurred.  Four decades ago I worked at the NASA Ames Research Center on this subject.

GAWA 55:  I was picked up at Newark Liberty International Airport by Dr. Eric Takahashi, a medical doctor, my nephew.  I stayed with his family for two days.  Here, Matteo, Sofia Pearl, Marisol and Eric at their front porch:

GAWA 56:  We went to lunch at Vu, here Sofia with the now occupied One World Trade Center in the background.

GAWA 57:  On to Chicago and The Bean.

GAWA 58:  Chicago is known for steaks, and Morton's began here, so I had steak for lunch at Morton's.

GAWA 59.  There is something about the walk from one terminal to another at Chicago's O'Hare Airport.  For one, you will now and then notice the odor of barf at the end of the moving walkways.  Why there?  Well, as that's where it collects.

GAWA 60:  I then flew to Las Vegas, where I had dinner with Eric's parents and their #2 son, Wendell, here with KC.

GAWA 61:  Here the "new" Tropicana, with Excalibur across the street,

GAWA 62:  My brother Dan and I had dinner at Emeril's and went to see Raiding the Rock Vault.

GAWA 63:  My final stop was San Francisco, and here is the Transamerica building.

GAWA 64:  I spent my final day on the Stanford campus.  The bookstore had a special day, offering to alumni 25% off, so I bought a few articles of clothing.  Hoover Tower (below), named for President Herbert Hoover, known as a poor communicator who fueled trade wars and exacerbated the Depression.  Part of the Hoover Institution is housed in this structure.  This organization, actually, was created before Hoover became president.  In 1895 he was in the first graduating class with a degree in geology.  No matter what they say, the Hoover Institution is politically conservative and Republican in philosophy.  

Interestingly enough, though, the student body:
  • is mostly liberal
  • but has a Republican pocket funded by the Hoover Institution
  • 36% White
  • 18% Asian
  • 15% Hispanic
  •   6% African American

GAWA 65:  Finally, finally, my final day.  On my way to Honolulu, goodbye San Francisco.

Hurricane Sandra is now up to 130 MPH, but should weaken into a tropical storm by the time she makes landfall between Culiacan and Mazatlan:


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