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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

GAWA Day #49B: Co-Creating Heaven on Earth

While I cruise down the Rhine River in my current cocoon known as the MS Espirit, life on Planet Earth continues as usual.  Since my SIMPLE SOLUTIONS for Humanity, I've dabbled in a variety of religious topics.  As I don't believe there is a God nor a Heaven nor Miracles, as such, I've sometimes mischievously, manytimes with a modicum of humor and with mild sincerity, touched on these topics.  The bottom line is that the end is nearing, and the thought of eternal gloom is sufficiently daunting that I remain "open" to being convinced that there might, after all, be something after death.  Mind you, I'd at this time give that prospect one chance in a million, but my whole life has evolved in a manner that has compounded a series of one in a million events making me what I am today, that I'm willing to at least entertain options by exploring.

Thus, in my daily blog I have posted on:
That's my view from my previous penthouse at sunset.

Interestingly enough, there is a "summit" now occurring on the world wide web involving 12,000 participants representing 105 countries on Co-Creating Heaven on Earth.  It's a three-day program, and this is already Day 2, but if you wish to catch up (and you need to do it now before Day 1 disappears), just click HERE.  Day 1 featured:
  • Jack Canfield (rightChicken Soup for the Soul....etc.):  Heaven on Earth Success Principles
  • Eben Alexander(neurosurgeon who experienced the afterlife):  Proof of Heaven Here on Earth
  • Barbara Marx (futurist):  Vocation, Co-Creation, Social Synergy & the 2020 Campaign
  • Rinaldo Brutoco (founder of the World Business Academy):  The Business Case for Heaven on Earth
  • Tim Kelley (Founder of Project Heaven on Earth):  An Installation Guide for Heaven on Earth 
I'll summarize this gathering in a couple of days to ascertain what they did about creating a Heaven on Earth.  In essence, this group has suggested a novel idea:  Why can't we make Planet Earth...Heaven?


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