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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

GAWA Day #63B: San Francisco, Part II

I took BART into the City.  Did you know that Seniors (65+) can get a $24 value card for $9?  It costs around $4.50 into town, so the effective senior's rate is $1.70.  Saw the Transamerica building:

Tadich Grill is my usual lunchtime spot.  I've been coming here since 1849 during the Gold Rush.  Actually, it might have been a little later when I was a student down the peninsula when this restaurant was at another location.

It is the oldest running restaurant in San Francisco, beginning as a coffee stand.  In 1887 John Tadich of Croatia purchased and renamed the place.  Tadich sold in 1928, but the name is still there.  The restaurant moved to 240 California Street in 1967.

So, anyway, I had garlic spinach, an herbish Manhattan Clam Chowder--too much Simon and Garfunkel--and shoestring fries, which were not what I expected (they were the same size as MacDonald's)--:

I also had a Bloody Mary and a glass of Anchor Steam Beer.  

Maybe next time I'll try the restaurant next door, Michael Mina.  It once had 2 Michelin stars, but is now down to one.  Worse, looking into the restaurant at noon, I could see only three people eating. By the way, foie gras can now again be served in California, for their foie gras quail is a specialty.

Walking back to BART, I purchased a Peet's mocha and watched the crowd.  This was probably the first time I have ever done this.  First, because I finally had some time.  Maybe more importantly, there was a convenient outside table and the weather was perfect...certainly the warmest I've ever felt in San Francisco, hitting a high of 63 F with no wind.  Tomorrow, sunny and 69.

Amazingly enough, my Blue Bar pigeon came by to wish me goodbye.  I wonder if he'll again show up at the airport on Friday.  I almost halfway expect that.

I took BART to Millbrae to walk back to the Westin.  I certainly won't return to this station the same way, for crossing the roads as cars whiz by trying to get on and off the freeway is a challenge too great for me.  Plus, it is nearly a half-hour walk at my pace.  Anyway, tomorrow, on to Stanford.


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