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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

GAWA Day #62: Las Vegas to San Francisco

Last night Dan and I had the option to see at the Mirage the Beatles Love by Cirque du Soleil.  The prices ranged from $86 in the rear balcony to standard view at $109 and premium view at $136.  It's basically against my nature to pay so much for something like this--a white truffles lunch would be different.  Anyway, I'm staying with my brother, and one night in a hotel can cost as much as two tickets--on the other hand, if you're from Hawaii, a night with three free meals at the California Hotel can be had for around $195/2 nights.  The price seemed to have significantly increased from the last time I stayed there.  

So we went to Tix4Tonight, the half price ticket outlet, and the lowest Beatles price was $90/seat.  However, we had a second option,  Raiding the Rock Vault, listed at $59, but "only" $45 at this outlet.  So we picked this second alternative.  What convinced me was that Dan had recently been to that Beatles program and, two, the lady who sold us the tickets said she was going for the first time tonight, and she had only heard good things about it.  

But that's tonight.  For lunch, we had barbecue at Lucilles's at Red Rock Casino:

Much of this was taken home for a late night meal.  For dinner, we first had to pick up our tickets at the Tropicana, which is now a spiffy Hilton Doubletree, decor-wise, a lot more attractive than the MGM Grand, which is showing some aging.  This Strip corner has the Tropicana, MGM Grand, Excalibur and New York New York.  

Dan found some "Locals Only" parking right at the front of the Tropicana, with ample space.  He's been here nearly a quarter century and never heard of this parking term.  We went in to exchange the tickets, and had two hours before showtime, so we walked over to the MGM Grand and had dinner at Emeril's:

Dan had a rather massive Cajun chicken, while I was disappointed that their bone marrow appetizer was no longer available, but the frogs legs were adequate.

We still had almost an hour, so spent some time watching the Monday night NFL game and a couple of NBA games at the Sports Book Room of the Tropicana, which was almost vacant.

The show was like plugging in a video jukebox of rock hits from the late 60's into the early 90's, with actual members of those bands performing their former roles.  While no one is famous, they included:
  • Howard Leese of Heart
  • Doug Aldrich of Whitesnake
  • Robin McAuley from Survivor
  • Paul Shortino from Quiet Riot
  • Jay Schellen from Asia
  • Andrew Freeman from The Offspring
  • Much McDonald from Bon Jovi
  • Michael Ross from Angel
  • Mark Boals from Ted Nugent
  • Stephanie Calver from Starship and
  • Carol-Lyn Liddle of Masters of Rock
Guest artists have in the past popped in from Toto, Deep Purple, Starship and Foreigner.

I found the show entertaining, with the sound spectacular.  If you have any kind of heart problem, don't go, for your chest cavity vibrates with the music.

Forgot to take any photo, but after we returned home to chazuke with the leftover lunch and the home-made tsukemono.  Maybe the best meal of the day.   At least the most satisfying

My Monday night gang at 15 Craigside has kept on the tradition, and here are a few examples, starting with a hurricane, I think:

I rejoin them next Monday.  McCarran International Airport and my plane to San Francisco:

There is a future hurricane in the Pacific heading for Guam:


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