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Monday, November 23, 2015


The following photos are not necessarily the best from an artistic point of view, but representative of my stay at each city.  Food continues to dominate (but many of my meals, actually, are fast food and cheap, which I take to my room, as to the left, where unfolds the city of Bangkok).  However, the scenery and tourist stops will later come into prominence.  For details on each Global Around the World Adventure day, you can, of course, go to that day in this blog.

GAWA 14:  The ANA Lounge at Narita Airport is about as good as it gets for business class travel.  There is a station for noodles and a wide variety of sakes.  Here minestrone soup and a miso ramen.  Note how large everything is when you consider that black and white thing on the plate is a regular musubi:  

On the flight from Tokyo to Seoul, Asiana Air served saam, a Korean dish, almost like a Mexican taco, except leafy vegetables , with assorted peppers, are used to wrap the meat and rice.  While it doesn't look like much packed in cellophane, there are two each of six different types of leaves.  Here with soju, bloody mary and a beer.  Note that I just had the above meal at ANA.

GAWA 15:  The breakfast buffet at the D-Cube Sheraton in Seoul is fabulous.

What you see above is just one course, of a buffet that has half a dozen stations devoted to noodles, eggs, meats, etc.  Just the assortments of vinegar/oil and salt are way over the top.  I count twelve different kinds each of vinegar, oil and salt.

GAWA 16:  Jun-sik is the highest rated restaurant in Korea.  This is my second time there, and, while he was in Manhattan at his establishment there, he moved to a more posh location in the city.  Here a blue rose dessert.

GAWA 17:  I moved on to Hong Kong, and was ideally position in time and place to view from my room the most elaborate fireworks show I have ever seen.

GAWA 18:  I caught the MTR (subway) to Hong Kong Island, then the Star Ferry back to Kowloon.  Children pay around 15 cents, and adults double that.  I think there is a seniors rate, but at that price I didn't bother.  Here is a passenger.

GAWA 19:  Singapore probably deserves a more meaningful photo, but thought these glass bears were cute.

GAWA 20:  The air pollution--caused by out of control forest fires in Indonesia--was terrible.  Also, next time you take an around the world trip, check first if a stop through this country involves a steep surcharge.

GAWA 21:  I had dinner at Waku Gin and on my way out took a photo of the Sands casino, which is prohibited.  But I got in the elevator and left before the approaching guard got to me.

GAWA 22:  Rossini's is in the Grand Sheraton Sukhumvit, and I talked the chef into creating a truffles risotto.  This was "only" black truffles, but the meal was superb.

GAWA 23:  Sirocco is the highest rooftop restaurant in the world.  The view is awesome, including a beautiful sunset, and food excellent.

This is good day to end Part 2, as my next flight will take me to the Middle East, Dubai.  Return for Part 3.  


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