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Thursday, November 19, 2015

GAWA Day #64: Stanford University

The penultimate day of My Ultimate Global Adventure (MUGA) Day #50, included a stop at Stanford University.  Looks like I'm repeating this practice, for Day #64 of my Global Around the World Adventure (GAWA) takes me back to my alma mater.

After the terrifying walk back to the SFO Airport Westin from the Millbrae Station yesterday, I thought I would take a safer, but really complicated, itinerary to get to the Stanford campus this morning:
  • Shuttle to the airport
  • BART to the San Bruno Station
  • transfer to Millbrae Station
  • Caltrain to the Palo Alto Station
  • Marguerite Shuttle to the Paul Allen Building on the campus
    • FREE
    • 23 separate lines
    • clean transport is used
    • Stanford apparently has had a free shuttle system since a horse (Marguerite was the name of the horse) and buggy combination in 1909--frankly, I rode a bike and only remember freezing on many cold mornings when I went there--I don't remember any kind of free shuttle
It took me two hours to get to the Stanford Campus, walked around and bought some stuff at the Bookstore.  Of all the good luck, they had a two-day 25% off sale on Tuesday and Wednesday...then extended it to today.

I then went to see my friend at the Stanford Linear Accelerator.  Our signals got crossed, and I missed him, but there will be a next time.  In any case, here are a few photos of the campus, which is now much larger, with a lot of buildings named after high tech mega-billionaires like, Gates, Allen, Hewlett, Packard...etc.

Above, Hoover Tower (named for President Hubert Heever--yes, this was a classic radio blooper), known in my day as Hoo Tow.  Here is Mem Chu, for Memorial Church:

Also from the Quad, two Beat Cal signs:

The University of California football team comes to Stanford tomorrow for the Big Game.  Maybe I should have stayed another two days. I still can, for my ticket is adjustable without penalty.  In one corner of the Quad, just another protest:

Finally, from inside the Quad towards Palo Alto (those statues are by Rodin...something about The Burghers of Calais):

Normally, you see the opposite view, up Palm Drive from the Palo Alto direction (Mem Chu is that middle triangular mosaic):

I felt like a special hamburger, so I went to Umami Burger up University Avenue:

This was a truffles burger, and, yes, there was that definite truffles pungence, with four kinds of sauces.  The apple cider was very close to beer.  You can't get something like this in Honolulu.

I wonder where they keep the old people of Palo Alto.  I would guess that the second oldest person eating here, and there must have been at least 50 customers, was one third my age.

Well, getting back to the Westin was less stressful because there was no time constraint, plus I had done this the other way this morning.  One important thing, though, is that you need to be at least conscious of what is happening around you.  I got to the Millbrae Station on Caltrain, transferred to BART, and got off at San Bruno, where the announcement was to just cross the platform and catch the train to the airport. Well, I did just that and re-ended up at Millbrae.  So back to San Bruno, and I finally got on the right train to the SFO Airport.  Then the shuttle to the Westin.

Kind of a relaxing nothing day.  But I did get some wine and beer, with a croissant, blue cheese, prosciutto, salad and chips for my room dinner tonight, my final for a truly great Grand Around the World Adventure:

Not my best meal, but, perhaps, most emotionally satisfying, considering the compounding of stresses over the past 64 days.  Tomorrow, back to Hawaii, I think.

Typhoon In-fa is up to 105 MPH, but will miss Guam, strengthen into a Category 4, turn north, then north west, away from Okinawa, and most probably, Japan too:


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