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Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Two more parts to go:  Tauck European River Cruise and Back in the USA.  GAWA 39:  I boarded Tauck's MS Espirit, where we had dinner and then a short river cruise to see Budapest at night.  It was very chilly, but the view was phantasmagoric, magical.

GAWA 40:  We had a lecture and tour of Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, a city smaller than Honolulu, but with a progressive high tech economy that was like a mini Silicon Valley.  Here some Fall colors:

GAWA 41:  Then on to Vienna, where I shared a Wienerschnitzel with some friends I made on this trip.

GAWA 42:  Sunset at Melk Abbey in Austria.

GAWA 43:  Lunch scene on the Blue Danube.

GAWA 44:  Sunset on the sun deck of the MS Espirit.

GAWA 45:  A view from my room of the banks of the Blue Danube River (actually, the river is just known as the Danube, and is the second longest in Europe to the Volga River).

GAWA 46:  My photo of the 1945 and 2015 courtroom at Nuremberg, where Nazi war criminals were judged.

GAWA 47:  The Face of Bamberg.

GAWA 48:  My Blue Bar Pigeon at the Christmas Market in Rothenburg.

GAWA 49:  Cablecar view of Rudisheim.

GAWA 50:  My Blue Bar giving a lecture in Cologne.

GAWA 51:  At the Romisch=Germanisches Museum, I noticed a tombstone from around the time of Jesus Christ.  I found it amazing that the alphabet we use today is exactly the same as Latin letters 2000 years ago.

GAWA 52:  You need to look very closely, but visible are five bridges over this Amsterdam canal.

GAWA #53:  At the final dinner on board the MS Espirit, Lareen and Lesley with Charlotte's leis.

GAWA 53:  Goodbye Amsterdam.

GAWA 54:  But first, my final meal on the MS Espirit, courtesy of Chef Siegfred, a saffron truffles risotto with foie gras:

Tomorrow, the final part of my Grand Around the World Adventure in pictures:  Back to the USA.

Tropical Storm Sandra, meandering westward, south of Mexico, has suddenly strengthened to 115 MPH, but should weaken back to tropical storm status on a path now projected to just miss Cabo San Lucas at the southern tip of Baja, and make landfall at Culiacan:


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