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Saturday, December 27, 2014


I'm going to do everyone a favor today...this will be my shortest posting in many months.

  • Gerard Depardieu celebrates his 66th birthday.  He is a French actor, and is a good example of why it can be terrible to get old.
  • Prior to 1978 when Honolulu City Lights was popular, the night view of Honolulu was blue because of mercury vapor lamps.  Sodium vapor took over, and the city became orange at night.  Over the next few years, LED lights will be installed because life cycle costs are lower. They are more efficient and  last three times longer, but are more expensive.  Several dozen cities around the world have already installed them, but there are worries about glare, light pollution, retinal damage and affect on animals. LED street lighting is white:

        Nevertheless, Honolulu at night in a few years will return to becoming a lot bluer:


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