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Wednesday, December 10, 2014


No great surprise, but Hawaii is the healthiest state in the Union.  The United Health Foundation has been rating states since 1990 and Hawaii has never done worse than 6th.  

  • Mississippi was worst, and has always been #48 or lower.
  • Hawaii was followed by Vermont, Massachusetts and Connecticut, all cold-weather states, except Hawaii.
  • At the bottom next to Mississippi were Arkansas, Louisiana, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Tennessee, West Virginia, Alabama and South Carolina.  Hmmm...mostly SEC football schools. 
  • There must be an inverse correlation between football and health.  Hawaii has annually had about the worst football team in the nation, but the daily paper today indicated that the coach would be retained.  We don't take football too seriously here.

I wondered if there was any kind of relation between health and homelessness.  Not many statistics out there.  New York City has a population of 8.4 million and 48,471 homeless individuals.  Oahu has  953,000 people and 4712 homeless.  The ratios are almost the same:  NYC = 0.006 and Oahu = 0.005.  What has this got to do with health?  Not sure.  Same as for football.

A particularly disturbing jump was a leap of the adult obesity rate of 7%, just from last year.  Now 29.4% are obese.  Smoking, however, fell by 3%.  

Our national life expectancy is 78.8.  Wikipedia has a list, showing Hawaii as #1 (79.7) in the nation, and Mississippi at #51 (74.2).  However, something is fishy, because Connecticut at #3 is 82.7 and Massachusettts at #5 is 83.8, the  highest of all states.  Except that Asians in New Jersey are up to 89.4.  Also, South Dakota at #21 is 74.3 and West Virginia at #50 is 74.1.  Notwithstanding, there seems to be a definite correlation between longevity and health ranking (the darker the better--this is for life expectation):


If some of this sounds confusing, blame Wikipedia, or homelessness or football.  Let me close with one final statistic that makes no sense to me.  The life expectancy for Asian Americans is 92.44 for #1, the State of Connecticut, but 81.68 in the lowest state shown, Hawaii:

Well, anyway, I'm Asian and still alive, here at sunset on my lanai with a mochiko chicken, curry rice and sashimi bento, complemented with beer and sake:

What an absolutely gorgeous setting Sun.


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