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Sunday, December 14, 2014


I've always loved rainbows, see spectacular ones all the time and have spent a lifetime chasing them.  One day at my computer I was photoshopping my family mon, left.  I ended up with the colorized rainbow version to the right below, which is on the cover of all my recent books.  There is a reason for this artistic creation.

It was at least twenty years ago when I was moderating a discussion on Japanese-American relations when it occurred to me that a solution was to take the high road to cooperation, and, as Takahashi in Japanese, means high bridge, I, then, was the ideal person to connect our two countries.  As a rainbow bridge, my life took on added meaning.

The music for I'm Always Chasing Rainbows is credited to Harry Carroll, with lyrics by Joseph McCarthy.  However, the melody is, really, Fantaisie-Impromptu by Frederic Chopin.

First published in 1917, the Dolly Sisters (above) first sung the song that year in a broadway show, Oh Look.  From the 1945 film version of The Dolly Sisters (this is the whole 114 minute version of the film--Rotten Tomatoes viewers gave it a 61% rating), with John Payne and Betty Grable doing the singing..  Charles Harrison is credited in 1918 with selling the most records of this song in those times.   Others:
Why all this detail about I'm Always Chasing Rainbows?  That is the song of my life, for I've been chasing rainbows as long as I can remember. Unfortunately, it's impossible to catch up with any rainbow, for it is an optical "illusion," but real, for the colored rings you see represent the refraction of raindrops.  You need to be between the rainbow and the Sun, so when you reach the rainbow, it disappears.  Further, you never see a rainbow when the Sun is higher than 42 degrees from the horizon.  In higher latitudes in the north and south, you can see rainbows at any time because the Sun might never reach 42 degrees in the winter.  The above from a package of 25 rainbow photos.

I've seen full circle rainbows from my first penthouse in Honolulu, and from planes, plus around the Sun and Moon.  Double rainbows are common from my previous penthouse.  However, National Geographic  showed a quadruple rainbow, except I can only see one below:

Anyway, here are my efforts at chasing rainbows, and someday, whether its Over the Rainbow, or at the End of the Rainbow, I dream that some of them will bloom and flourish:
  • Blue Revolution (scroll down to next posting):  just one of my dreams was to establish a Blue Revolution program at the University of Hawaii--so I donated my apartment to initiate this effort.  This marine multi-product system is driven by ocean thermal ocean conversion, a topic of high interest to me, for I helped draft the original OTEC bill more than a third of a century ago.
  • Hawaiian Onsets:  I helped establish a company to build geothermal spas on the Big Island and Maui.
  • Laser fusion:  worked for Edward Teller at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.  Another rainbow, for I thought it would take forever to attain this technology.  However, Star Power occurs in every star and our Sun, and why not on Earth, but, hopefully not again in a Hydrogen Bomb.  That's me with my micro laser system I built for my PhD dissertation.
  • Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI):  spent some time at the Ames Research Center essentially on an effort to design a better way to detect alien signals, sort of like what Jodie Foster did in CONTACT, and helped Carl Sagan gain initial funding for SETI.  Just think, a pathway to world peace, control of fusion and who knows what else might be beaming in from a civilization a billion  years ahead of ours.
  • Simple Solutions:  I've so far written three books in this series, and still hope to complete seven, each a color of the rainbow:
    • The Venus Syndrome:  Purple
    • Pearl's Ashes:  Red (yellow already taken)
    • Blue Revolution:  Blue
    • The BioMethanol Economy:  Green
    • Not sure what (orange)
  • Pearl's Gold Trees along the Ala Wai Canal (the Honolulu City Council recently gave approval, and the initial planting will be on January 5)
  • Pearl's Ashes (I have now laid Pearl's ashes at 50 locations around the world, and have begun compiling an e-photo book)
One of my rainbow projects I don't wish to become real is THE VENUS SYNDROME.  However, if I do write that novel, perhaps it will lead to a film which could scare decision makers to do something about global climate change.

A rainbow can inspire, soothe...delight.  While where I live at 15 Craigside some are restricted to having to take care of a spouse with Alzheimer's.  I fortunately have continued to be provided an opportunity to keep chasing rainbows, maybe even into that Ultimate Black Hole transporting me into a parallel universe where I can begin a new life.


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